Kelsey Irene DiCarlo’s Benjamin Moore Analyst Internship

k @ benjamin3Name: Kelsey Irene DiCarlo

Major/Minor: Major: Actuarial Science, Minors: Business Administration, Italian

Year: Senior May 2014

Company Interned For: Benjamin Moore Paints

Hometown: Thiells, New York


AC:  What were your day-to-day duties as an intern?

KID: I was a Procurement Analyst Intern at the global Headquarters of Benjamin Moore Paints for two consecutive summers (2012 & 2013). My time there was not spent solely focused on just one duty. I was an intern in the Procurement department, but I also worked closely with the Accounting and Finance departments. An average day involved lots of excel data entry and building my own spreadsheets. Benjamin Moore appointed a new CEO during my time there, and even on an intern level I felt the changes in company atmosphere. Also, Benjamin Moore closed down one of its major manufacturing facilities in North America while I was interning, and a lot of my day-to-day tasks involved informing raw material suppliers at hundreds of companies of this change, and that they should freeze all further shipments to that site. Benjamin Moore emphasized having its interns take on assignments that will impact the future development of the company.


AC:  What role did Amica, your professors, or other campus resources play in obtaining this internship?Decorations

KID: I found, applied, and interviewed for this position on my own search. I had also been applying to internships on the BCC, but had some difficulty finding posted positions which would allow me to live at home during the summer. The BCC is an invaluable resource for Bryant students, but I feel it is also important to seek out opportunities independently. If I had limited my search solely to the BCC, I would not have been able to obtain one of my most prominent professional positions! That being said, The Amica Center was still undoubtedly an asset in preparing me for this internship. I had attended workshops on interviewing hosted by Amica. I had my resume and cover letters critiqued numerous times by their staff as well. My freshman year, I had the fortune of meeting Judy Clare, director of the Amica center, and she has been an excellent mentor to me since. The Amica center is a fantastic resource for students no matter where they are trying to seek professional opportunities, because they provide the knowledge students need to adapt to a professional setting.


AC:  What was your favorite memory?  Did you make any mistakes during your internship?

KID: My favorite memory came at the end of my first summer interning at Benjamin Moore. My last day was the day after my birthday, so I had a weekend of celebrating and enjoying the last few weeks of summer 2012 ahead of me before flying off to Florence, Italy to study abroad in the fall. The members of my department knew it was my birthday and threw me a joint birthday/last day party. I loved being surprised and being told how much of a help all of my work was that summer. The designer cupcakes they brought in tasted almost as good as the recognition felt. The members of my department also said that if I wanted to return the following summer, I certainly could.  I took them up on that offer!

One instance I had to learn from during my internship at Benjamin Moore was learning how to prepare reports the way that your supervisor wants them prepared, even if you do not have a template example. I had created tons of spreadsheets and documents while at Benjamin Moore, and I soon learned to have someone more knowledgeable look them over before submitting them to the head of the department. It’s important to be done early so a co-worker has time to do a peer review!


IDbadgeAC:  Are you maintaining a connection with your co-workers from your internship? If so, how?

KID: I have maintained a connection with my co-workers. One of my co-workers spoke Italian, and since I have both minored in Italian and studied abroad in Italy, we were able to form a bond over it. We exchanged several emails while I was abroad to keep in touch. I also realized that one of my co-workers birthdays is the day before mine, so I made a point of sending her a happy birthday email, even though I had already finished my second summer at Benjamin Moore, which ended the first week in August before our birthdays. I have also added nearly everyone I have worked with closely at Benjamin Moore on LinkedIn. This is the easiest way to keep yourself current in people’s minds, and maintain connections with professionals you may not be in contact with every day. Even if I do not return to Benjamin Moore again, I can say with confidence that I have multiple professional references from Benjamin Moore I can list as I continue developing my professional career.


AC:  Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

KID: I think completing an internship is incredibly important. When applying for post grad positions, potential employers want to be assured that you know how to work in a professional setting, that the office atmosphere doesn’t intimidate you. Regardless of what type of work you are doing at your internship, the act of being reliable enough to show up every day and perform your basic duties speaks volumes about your priorities and work ethic, two very important skills to bring into a professional position. Being asked to return for a second summer is another huge selling point. Not only were you liked enough to be hired in the first place, but you excelled to the point that a company asked you to continue working with them. Potential post-grad employers know that if they hire you they’re going to have to interact with you every single day; are you someone they really want to see that often?  Having an internship is how you can prove to post-grad employers that you are ready to take on the demands of corporate world.


Senior CLASS Award Nominee Aubrey Mable

Aubrey Mable

Senior Communication major, Aubrey Mable, has left a mark on the Bryant campus that is sure to stay even after she graduates this May. She has been a part of the Senior Advisory Council, Bulldog Leaders, and a Student Ambassador, and on February 20, 2014, she was nominated for the Senior CLASS award, a national award that honors the attributes of NCAA Division 1 senior student-athletes in the arenas of community, classroom, character, and competition. Every year, thirty students from all NCAA Division 1 schools are nominated, and Aubrey’s balance of play on the field and work in the classroom has earned her to be one of the thirty.

Aubrey was nominated by Aaron Horlbogen, Assistant Direct of Athletic Communications at Bryant, and it’s clear why. With a 3.65 GPA, she managed to obtain three minors in Marketing, Business Administration, and Psychology, as well as being a member of the Honors Program. Aubrey is the Bryant Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Co-Chair and the Volunteers Core Chair for Special Olympics of RI, where she recruits members in the community to volunteer for Special Olympics RI. On top of this, her character and leadership is shown on the field as the captain of the softball team, and is a student blogger for Undergraduate Admission to promote Bryant University and student life on campus.

The Senior CLASS award isn’t the first award Aubrey had contended for—last year, she was the recipient of the 2013 Rhode Island Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Award, again nominated for her excellence in the classroom and community. When it comes to her performance on the field, she became one of the top players in Bryant’s five year history of Division 1 athletics. In 2013, Aubrey achieved a .396 batting average, second in Bryant’s Division 1 history to herself, where she bat a .419 average freshmen year. She holds the Division 1 Bryant record in almost every major offensive statistic, and her .396 career batting average, 151 career hits, 92 RBI, and 19 homeruns all rank top five in Bryant’s softball history.

A NCAA selection committee chooses the 30 finalists, and they then narrow the pool down to 10 nominees before opening up to nationwide voting. Wish Aubrey luck in this nomination—we’ll certainly be rooting for her to be a top 10 finalist and go on to add this award to her success. Bryant’s next home game is March 26 at 4:00pm, so be sure to see her and Bryant’s softball team play this season. Congratulations, Aubrey!



Alexandria’s Irish Jig Internship

998718_399216803522599_1653264905_nName: Alexandria Clyburn

Major/Minor: Communication, LCS

Year: Senior

Company Interned For/Project Completed: Jig: The Story of Irish Dance

Hometown: Cartersville GA


AC: If you could sum up your internship in five words, what would they be?

Alexandria: Best experience I could have.


AC: How did you come across your internship?

Alexandria: The Amica Center sends a group to Ireland for a summer to intern, I went with them!  If you want to learn more about it I suggest you stop into Amica or email them.  It was an amazing opportunity and I received class credit for it.


AC: What were your day-to-day activities?

Alexandria: I worked to increase promotions of the Irish Dance show that I worked for.  The days were so much fun and the team I worked with was incredible.


AC: Are you maintaining a connection with your co-workers from your internship? If so, how?

Alexandria: YES!! It is SO important to stay connected, especially if you want opportunities in the future. I am friends with them on Facebook and we keep in touch!


AC: Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

Alexandria: I learned the responsibility of going into work every day, working towards a deadline, and working as part of a team.  It’s really going to prove beneficial when I have to start working every day.


AC: Any plans for after graduation?

Alexandria: Graduate school here at Bryant!


AC: Any advice for underclassmen?

Alexandria: Get involved, and network, also, get an internship!

Alisheya’s Special Events Internship With Bryant

DSP_0473Name: Alisheya Luthman

Major/Minor: Double Concentration in Marketing and Sociology

Year: Senior

Company Interned For: Bryant University; Conferences and Special Events Office

Hometown: Worcester, MA

AC: What was it like interning for Bryant, rather than just being the typical student?

AL: SO DIFFERENT! Literally campus is SO different in the summer and what I was doing has completely changed my view of Bryant. I would see teachers around, but it’s nothing like the academic year. Hours are different, there’s no saying “hi!”to that random friend you run into, or anything like that. PLUS, the Fisher Center was closed for renovations, so there was no Dunks. I think what also made it really differant was the people who were on campus were now my guests and clients…not peers.  I wasn’t just hanging out at school; I had tasks, had to dress professionally, met with clients daily, and had to be able to handle situations every second of the day. I wasn’t in class, so when I wasn’t working, I was just getting ready for the next day. But working in the Conference Office is a 24/7 job! It gave me a new respect for Bryant, I can tell you that!

AC: How did you come across your internship?

AL: I was sitting in Salmo one day, and was reading something in the napkin holders about The Conference and Special Events office hiring for the Summer. I had wanted to do it the previous year, but because I was an orientation leader and was studying abroad, I didn’t have the chance. I applied that day. Best decision I ever made.

AC: What were your day-to-day duties?1526348_799015130124898_1087669503_n

AL: They always varied. Some days I would be doing signange for a conference, guest management, tackling a crises or two that came in. Others I would be working in the office taking care of tasks for upcoming conferences, like housing assigments or keys. At night I would be on duty and would handle lockouts/ various situations that arose in the middle of the night. Some days I was planning receptions, others I would be making sure a check-in for a conference was going smoothly. My phone was ringing all the time, because I would give my number to guests in case they needed anything. I wanted to give them the best experaince at Bryant, like Bryant has given me. Some days I would be going through over 400 keys that needed to get put away, or digging through our storage unit for something we needed! I handled A/V, logistics, food services, room assignements, etc…There is no normal day in event planning, ESPECIALLY in my office!

AC: Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

AL: I think its important because it’s a.) experiance and b.) you never know how much you love or hate something until you do it and complete it. It’s like a class. You can try different classes out, sometimes you have to drop them because you don’t like it at all, but sometimes you just really love a class and can’t get enough of it.  I think its a similar feeling with an internship! The experiance too, because you learn so much. I was fortunate enough that my bosses asked me to continue my internship through the school year, and I never stop learning and experiancing. The event industry is crazy, so everyday is a new day for me! The more you learn, the better you are off in the future is how I feel!

AC: Any plans for after graduation?

AL: As of right now, I have nothing definitively lined up! However I have been in contact with a few places to be working with event management. Fingers crossed something works!

AC: How can other students learn about internships that take place in Bryant?Fisher_Center_dedication_664

AL: Ask people, read the marketing material and be active in your search. You cannot expect things to just happen. Networking on campus, about on-campus internships is the best thing you can do. I reguarly tell people about the conference office because it is such a unique positon and requires a passion and love for the industry and learning. There are emails that go out all the time. Or, just walk into an office that you have an interest in and ask! Asking never hurt anyone! A lot of students like to go home, but honestly, Bryant Offers just as unique of an experiance than I would have gotten anywhere else, plus the friends I have made are awesome!

Seth’s Experience With Rogers Corp

DSP_0169Name: Seth WeimerMajor/Minor: Double Concentration – Management & Finance Minor – Communications

Year: Senior

Company Interned For/Project Completed: Rogers Corporation/ Improve and develop budgeting and forecasting templates for the global business units

Hometown: Charlton, MA



AC: If you could sum up your internship in five words, what would they be?

SW: Drinking from a fire hose

AC: How did you come across your internship?

SW: I was at the career fair on campus, when I came across the recruiter for Rogers. We connected and had a great conversation about my career goals, and the company. A few days later I was offered an interview which turned into the position I took for the summer.

AC: What were your day-to-day activities?

SW: Day to day I worked a lot on the budgeting and forecasting templates. I had to come in and learn a whole new software package called Host Analytics. Then I was responsible for developing the templates for budgeting and forecasting that the global business unites would use,

AC: Are you maintaining a connection with your co-workers from your internship?

SW: I still maintain a great connection with my supervisor and some co-workers. My supervisor actually brought me back over winter break to help with the next steps in the budgeting process. I keep in touch through email with my supervisor and co-workers. I generally try to shoot them emails every few months with progress on what I am up to and seeing how the company is doing.

AC: Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

SW: It gave me real world experience in a corporate environment. I was able to learn a brand new software in a few months and train controllers in various locations world wide. The internship gave me great talking points for interviews afterwards and helped me meet some great people within Rogers.

AC: Any plans for after graduation?

SW: I have secured a position with the asset management firm Blackrock to work on their Portfolio Compliance team. I am very excited to start and in a few years I am planing to get my MBA.

AC: Any advice for underclassmen?

SW: I can’t stress it enough try to get internships. Whether paid or unpaid get as many as you can, they make you stand out in interviews. They also show an employer that you have a good work ethic. Also make sure to build relationships with your connections. Don’t just keep in touch with people who can help you immediately, build long term relationships. These are key to success, connect with alumni and friends and help them as much as you can. Lastly just always look to give to someone else before you seek help from them.

Allison Hubbard’s Award Winning Research

1237719_10201438066105065_1726791192_nName: Allison Hubbard

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Environmental Science Major; Minors; Business Administration, Psychology

Hometown: Barre, MA

Research Project Name: Site Characterization and Comparison of Bacteria Populations of a Historic Diesel-Contaminated Site on Prudence Island, Narragansett Bay, RI

AC: We love hearing about your project but many students do not know the research you did.  Can you explain what exactly you researched and why you chose that topic?!

AH: On Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay there is an old Navy T-Dock where they used to fuel ships before they were sent overseas.  When they decommissioned the area the pipes and drums of diesel and oil were left on the island and leaked.  Eventually around 2000, the piped and drums were removed and limited remediation (removal of contaminated materials) was performed.  There is still a layer of petroleum products just under a few inches of sand on the beach next to the T-Dock.  I was trying to determine if the bacteria had shifted or changed due to the oil spill being there for so long, and to see if I could find bacteria that could essentially eat a component of diesel fuel called naphthalene (NAP).  We thought that if we could find a bacterium, or a group of bacteria that could break down NAP that we could manipulate the bacteria into breaking more of the fuel down to bioremediate (clean up) the site of the spill.

CaptureAC: What was your favorite part about completing the research and what did you find most challenging?  

AH: My favorite part about completing the research is how much I was able to learn and the networking opportunities that I was presented with through the SURF RI program.  I loved being able to solve a mystery.  The most challenging part of research was learning that 99% of science is failure and that there is only 1% of the time when your experiment works…and then you have to try to replicate it again.  I learned a lot from the experiments not working out as planned, because it is a giant puzzle where you have to try and figure out why it did not work, and what can be done to fix it.  Just because you did not get the answer you were looking for or expected, does not mean that your answer is bad or wrong; it can actually lead to new exciting questions.

ImageAC: How did Bryant help you with your research?

AH: I was lucky enough to actually work with one of my professors, Dr. Dan McNally, this past summer.  All of my professors have encouraged me from day one to get into research because there is so much to learn outside of the classroom.  Dr. McNally’s Human Impact on Land and Life course re-sparked my interest in direct conservation and experimental investigation.

AC: What is the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences?

AH: The Symposium was comprised of at least 44 institutions coming together with 208 student presenters as well as their faculty and judges at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  It was an opportunity to display and discuss our research with the science community and to learn how to defend our work and learn how to more effectively communicate our specialty to others.

AC:  Can you tell us a little bit about your success with this symposium?

AH: I have always loved helping others learn, and I really enjoy being able to share what I am passionate about with others.  This year, being a science tutor in ACE, I have found that I have really strengthened my communication skills in terms of communicating science to those in different areas of the field, or to those who are outside of science.  When the judges came to my poster, I felt so excited to share my knowledge with them and with anyone who had questions.  I was nervous, but once I started talking, the thrill of discovery came back to me and I just had to share.  I was surprised to have won first place in my group because I went in with wanting to gain experience and to share what I had learned through my research.

AC: Congratulations!  Any advice for those who are looking to complete research as an undergraduate at Bryant?

AH: Apply to everywhere and to everything that interests you.  If it is even remotely in the field of your interest, give it a try.  You never know what will spark your passion and interest, and where your research can lead you.  Do not be afraid to try something new, and the friends, teachers, and mentors that you will gain are invaluable.

Michael’s Hasbro Internship in Marketing

ImageName: Michael Walsh

Year: 2016

Major/Minor: Marketing / Global Supply Chain Management & Communications

Hometown: Cumberland, RI

Company Interned For: Hasbro Inc.

AC: What was your position and your duties on a day to day basis?

MW: My position was US Marketing Intern for the Boy’s division, the brands I was primarily involved with included the Beyblade, B-Daman, and KRE-O.  I also helped out on other brands such as Nerf, Marvel, and Transformers. My major day to day projects involved our word of mouth marketing campaigns but I also worked on various ad hoc projects relating to all marketing aspects of the various brands.

AC: What was your favorite part about working for Hasbro and what did you find most challenging?  How about one thing you will always remember?!

MW: My favorite part of working at Hasbro was seeing the impact of the work I had done. For example, I worked on a project that involved developing an ‘on package coupon’ that you could find at any Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys ‘R Us across the country.  The most challenging part was only having one year of college under my belt. I hadn’t even taken Marketing 201 yet so I did not have the same experience level of other interns and had a lot of ground to make up.  Fortunately, I worked with some great people who really taught me a lot and mentored me throughout the process.  In addition to the great people I worked with an experience I’ll never forget is when I went to my old 5th grade elementary school class and brought in free product for all the kids. Seeing how excited they were and how much fun they had with the toys made all the work that I did that summer even that more special.

AC: What is the Hasbro culture like? 

MW: The culture at Hasbro is great; it’s definitely something the company prides itself on and strives to maintain. They try to keep an innovative and fun vibe going every day. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to be working and all of a sudden I’d be getting shot with a Nerf blaster.

AC: Which classes from Bryant helped you succeed throughout your internship?

MW:  I definitely took things I learned in all my classes and applied them during my internship but my Global Foundations of Business course benefited me the most. At Hasbro I was working with different groups of people every day, the skills and experience I developed while working with my GFOB team made this much easier.

AC:  How did you come across it?  We know Hasbro is a difficult place to get in the door with so how vital was networking for you?!

MW:  I actually first started working at Hasbro during the spring semester of my freshman year. Undergraduate internships are hard to find at Hasbro and sometimes can only by obtained through referrals. I was fortunate enough to know someone who worked at Hasbro who passed my resume along to human resources who brought me in for an interview.  While I had originally applied for a summer internship, they offered me a spring semester internship as a Global Marketing Intern for our Playskool brand and I jumped at the opportunity. At the end of that internship, I was interviewed for the position in US Marketing and have been with that group since.

AC: What advice do you have for undergraduate students looking to pursue an internship?  Also, is it possible for freshmen to get internships? hasbro-logo_1310575185

MW: Absolutely, every undergraduate student should try to get at least one internship. In an internship there are lots of things you learn that can’t be taught in the classroom. Also, I have found that experiences I have had during my internship have helped me understand things in class much better. If I’m trying to understand a concept I apply it to how it would work at Hasbro to help better understand. Although most freshmen don’t have an internship it’s definitely a possibility and something every freshmen should try to do. Unfortunately, many companies are looking for students who are Juniors or Seniors so to find internship opportunities you definitely need to utilize your network to help you get your foot in the door.


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