The Virtual Internship – Jessica Kline

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Jessica in front of The New York Stock Exchange

Name: Jessica Kline
Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Marketing and Management with a Communication minor
Company Interned For: Amber Blue Skincare
Hometown: Milford, CT

AC: What is Amber Blue Skincare?

JK: Amber Blue Skincare is a company based out of New York City and Massachusetts.  It’s ran by a mother-daughter team who bring both the serious business and the gardening soft-touch end to the business.  Their skincare products are plant-based and their ingredients are naturally derived; containing no chemicals, mineral oils, or petroleum.  Hint: Those are typical ingredients found in your skincare products!

AC: What was your internship position?

JK: My internship position was the social media coordinator.  What I did, from a day to day basis, was manage their Twitter account, Facebook page, and WordPress Blog.  My favorite part was managing the blog because I love to write and it was the part that kept me the most busy.  Did I mention I did all of this from bed?  That is the best part about taking a “virtual” position.  With AB Skincare running from both NYC and Massachusetts, it was impossible for me to be in two places at once!  So, we had regular conference calls on a weekly basis and always kept in contact through email on a daily basis…all while I was able to sit, in my pajamas, in bed.

AC: That sounds like any employers dream but were there any negatives to working virtually?

JK: Of course.  Just like there is always a sunny side to every situation, there usually is a dark side too.  My boss always said she wishes she could carry me in her pocket throughout the day because I was kind of like her mini-me.  Being in NYC with her would have made things ten times easier-think of how much easier it is at any office to just lean over to the next cubicle or knock on your co-workers door to ask a quick question.  Although we all were very good about constantly checking our emails and phone, there were times when getting a simple answer was just a waiting game.

AC: How had Bryant prepared you for this internship?

JK: Where do I even begin?!  I have only taken one social media class at Bryant.  It was taught by Kevin Pierce.  Although I’ve heard of social media prior and used it, this class really opened my eyes to see the effect it could, and usually does, have on everyday life including businesses.  So I guess Bryant opened the door to my social media adventures but what they really prepared me for was the professionalism.  Although I was doing this from home, I still held regular conference calls and made multiple trips into NYC for meetings.  I knew exactly how to hold a business conversation on the phone and in person, dress for a meeting, shake a hand or two, and keep up with all the work handed to me…thanks to Bryant.

AC: What would you say was your favorite part about working for Amber Blue Skincare?

Mojito Skin Cream by AB

JK: My boss has a lot of crazy connections so my summer was spent hanging out in the board room of The New York Stock Exchange.  Okay, that may be a little bit exaggerated but I made a great connection with a few people from the New York Stock Exchange! They took me to breakfast, brought me to the trade floor, let me watch the ringing of the bell, let me sit in the board room, invited me to attend a few symposiums, and offered me an internship.  I made multiple trips there this summer, that was probably my favorite part of being an “AB employee”.  Also the experience behind it all.  It was just an eye-opener to see what really separates organic and all-natural products from store-bought products.

AC: What is your advice for anyone who may be interested in taking part in an internship in the future?

JK: Grab any, and every, opportunity you can!  Even if it’s something you don’t think you will like because in the end, it’s all a big learning experience.  Always send a thank you letter after your interview; if you don’t hear back by the time they said they would get back to you, follow up; and always put your best foot forward every day you walk in the office, even if you’re laying in bed!

Jessica can be contacted at if you have any other questions for her, or just want to hear more about her interning experience!


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