Christopher Anderson’s Experience

Name: Christopher Anderson
Graduation Year: 2014
Major/Minor: International Business/French language
Hometown: Quincy, MA

AC: Tell us a little about Prism Energy Services and how you heard them.

CA: Prism Energy Services is a small firm founded in Quincy, MA in the energy conservation industry that works closely with utility companies such as National Grid and NSTAR to help Massachusetts businesses become more energy efficient with their lighting and gas measures through incentives from the utility companies.  My older brother started out as an intern with them and then became a full-time employee and it was through him that I learned about the company and eventually became an intern myself.

AC: What was a typical day like interning at Prism Energy Services?

CA: When I began working as an intern, I elected to work full-time hours so my day began at 8am and ended at 5pm.  Typically, I would come in and begin the day with data entry work, which was my main responsibility, but I soon found myself also doing customer service, preparing reports, filing audits, and even helping out with some marketing materials.

AC: How had Bryant prepared you for this internship?

CA: Prior to coming to Bryant, I didn’t know much about business, but was eager to learn.  Learning about business in a classroom, however, is much different from working along full-time employees and really experiencing what it is like to work in a business environment.  I was able to see first hand the issues and the problem solving that go on on a day to day basis.  Also, as an IB major concentrating in marketing, I was able to get some experience by creating a couple press releases and researching the media outlets available in which to market a targeted promotion in Cambridge, MA.

AC: How has Prism Energy Services prepared you for your future?

CA: Prism Energy Services has prepared me beyond just the work experience that I gained while working there, but also what I should expect when applying for jobs, how to conduct myself in a work environment, and how to work with a team, because even though everyone has their job title and their own work, you are still part of a team and need to do you’re part beyond just what is expected of you.

AC: What would you say was your best memory working there?

CA: My best memory of working there was towards the end of my internship when my coworkers were looking to hire my replacement, I became aware that they were trying to hire someone in my image, because of the level of detail and attention I paid to my work and the way that I worked that was beneficial to my coworkers.  That truly made me feel appreciated and that my work as an intern did not go unnoticed.

AC: What is your advice for anyone who may be interested in taking part in an internship in the future?

CA: My advice is to take advantage of an internship opportunity immediately. I was fortunate enough to have had a connection with Prism Energy Services, but working as an intern not only gives you valuable work experience and something to put on your resume, but it is a first-hand look at what goes on in a business environment. You get the opportunity to learn what is expected of you, good business etiquette, and for me, what my company valued in an employee.


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