Christina Dussault’s Hanover Insurance Experience

Name: Christina Dussault

Graduation Year: 2013

Major/Minor: Actuarial Mathematics/ Finance

Company Interned For: The Hanover Insurance Group

Hometown: Hollis, NH

AC: Hanover Insurance was named the number one publicly traded financial service business in MA by The Boston Globe and was listed in Best Places to Work by Business Insurance.  How did these titles live up during your internship?

CD: The Hanover definitely lived up to its reputation during my internship. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful, and welcoming and enormous efforts were made to help the new interns feel comfortable. The first day and a half was an assimilation period, where we were given the opportunity to get to know the other interns and new hires. We also had brief training in Excel to prepare us for our jobs since we were coming from various different colleges and universities. I was in the Future Leader Internship Program: Actuary Track, so I also had the benefit of attending training classes multiple times a week to familiarize me with concepts that I will face on my upcoming actuarial exams. These classes were unbelievably helpful and interesting, and were a huge part of my learning experience.

AC: What were the day to day operations under your internship role?

CD: I worked on two big projects over the course of the summer, so the majority of my time was spent at my computer working in Excel. I also had plenty of meetings with my supervisors, my team, and the other interns for training sessions.

AC: How had Bryant prepared you for this internship?

CD: Because most of my work was done in Excel, my Software Applications class taken at the end of my Junior year was extremely helpful. Specifically, the skills that I learned using VBA in class were invaluable to me as I completed my projects.

AC: How did you prepare yourself for the internship?

CD: I really wanted to get experience working in a professional environment early, so I made sure to go into this internship having another internship already completed. During the summer between my sophomore and junior years I had a part-time internship working with pensions that really prepared me for interacting professionally with others and managing my time to get my tasks completed efficiently and effectively.

AC: What do you think makes an internship so vital to a student these days?  What are the benefits?

CD: I really believe that an internship on your resume can be the difference between getting a full time job or not. The people that you are competing against for an open position are going to have a college education and extracurricular activities and maybe even some honors or awards but not all of them are going to have an internship. The fact that you have that experience that others may not have can make a big difference to an employer. Sometimes internships can lead to full time positions as well, which is what happened in my case. An internship can be kind of like an extended interview and if you exceed expectations your employer may be impressed enough to offer you that full time position you’ve been after.


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