Karmaloop’s Bryant Intern: Abigail Adjei

Myself and other Bryant students as new members of NEW

Myself and other Bryant students as new members of NEW (I’m the one holding the sign!)

Name: Abigail Adjei
Major/Minor: Management/ Sociology
Company Interned For: Karmaloop
Hometown: Accra, Ghana

AC: How do you believe Bryant has helped you throughout your internship?

AA: At Bryant, I continue to have the opportunity to learn various aspects of business that I can relate to real life situations in a business environment. This knowledge definitely helps me out in interviews and also while I’m on the job. It is one thing to learn a concept in a textbook, but you cannot completely grasp and understand how to utilize it until you are challenged to utilize it in real world situations.  I also have great professors who have helped me realize great opportunities I never knew existed. I am currently enrolled in Management475 Women and Leadership with Professor Lori Coakley. Through this class I was able to join the Network of Executive Women and I currently have a great mentor from Coca Cola! Networking opportunities like these are helping me create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) career goals and recognize different companies I might want to work for after college.

AC: How did you learn about your internship? 

AA: I always had interests in learning about how different business functions in the fashion industry operate as well as what makes them unique. Judy Clare, Director of the Amica Center, put together Bryant’s first business fashion tour in New York City for students who were interested in fashion during my sophomore year at Bryant. This trip facilitated in exposing me to the business aspect of the fashion industry as well as different avenues through which I could find fashion internships for business students like myself.

AC: What attracted you to this company?

AA: In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity of working with a high fashion designer who specialized in creating haute couture designs. This past summer I made a switch from high fashion to streetwear and got the opportunity to work as a Marketing intern for Karmaloop – one of the largest global online street wear boutiques. Personally when I’m working for a company, it is important for me to have an established interest in the goals and aspirations of the company. This was the case with Karmaloop; they are an online site which provides affordable clothing to people in my age group and give up and coming designers the chance to be featured on their website. As a Ghanaian, this is definitely piqued my interest. Ghana, and the African continent in general, has amazing and incredibly diverse fashion that is so beautifully intertwined with the country’s rich history. I have a great respect for companies that allow Ghanaians to sell their clothes on an international platform and give the respective designers the required recognition.

AC: What were your day to day operations as an intern?karmaloop

AA: Every day at Karmaloop, I had an agenda of various projects and assignments. These included, but were not limited to, negotiating advertising deals with international style bloggers, developing marketing strategies to optimize strategies with the head of the marketing department,  researching new brands, writing articles for Kamaloop’s blog, and assisting on photo-shoots.

AC: What were some challenges you faced in your internship and how did you overcome them?

AA: One of the challenges I faced during my internship at Karmaloop was getting the courage to let the head of my department know about my desire to expand my knowledge of the company and the online fashion industry by working with different department heads. It took a lot of courage, but I got some great advice from my mentor in the Marketing Department and reached out to the head of HR and the head of Marketing at Karmaloop and made my desire to work on different projects known to them.

AC: In looking into your future, do you think interning has helped you with your career development?

CaptureInterning has definitely helped put together what I believe are great starting blocks to my career development. One thing I will always carry with me from my internship opportunities is the fact that, just because an internship does not turn out to be what you expected does not mean you wasted your time working in that industry. With every internship position I’ve held, I leave knowing what I liked about the internship and what I did not like. Internships have helped hone in on different business functions, such as Supply Chain Management and Marketing, which are areas I never thought I would be interested in.

AC: Any advice for underclassmen who are majoring in management?

AA: Regardless of what your major is, explore other functions of business. College is your chance to take risks and try different opportunities. Regardless of what your internship experience is, learn vital lessons from it and put these lessons in your ‘tool box’ when applying for your next internship.


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