Katie Phung’s Finance and Tax Experience

aaaaaaaaaaaaaName: Katie Phung
Major/Minor: Accounting, Double Minor in Communication and Sociology and Service Learning
Company Interned For: City of Cranston: Finance and Taxation Department
Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island

AC: How do you believe Bryant has helped you throughout your internship? 

KP: My freshman year at Bryant consisted of taking every opportunity that came my way so I took that idea and applied it to my internship. Each opportunity that I had to gain experience in finance and taxation, I took. Practice makes perfect, after all.

AC: How did you learn about your internship?  

KP: I learned about my internship by networking with the City of Cranston mayor, Allan Fung, spring semester of my freshman year. My involvements throughout high school and the community helped me gain a closer connection to working with the City of Cranston: Finance and Taxation Department.

AC: What attracted you to this company? 

KP: Upon graduation, I want to work for the federal government and would like to get experience with how a government works beforehand so I decided on getting that right in my city. This summer, I am hoping to increase my experience with the State of Rhode Island government or the federal government through another internship.

AC: What were your day to day operations as an intern? 

KP: There was no set day to day operations for me as an intern. The only thing that was set ahead of time for me was my work schedule from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. In that time, I was always working on a project that the Director of Finance set for me. As an intern, I was responsible for performing tax collection duties such as data entries, transactions, and collaborative work. In addition, I provided assistance with end of fiscal year tasks for Cranston Public Schools.

AC: What were some challenges you faced in your internship and how did you overcome them? 

KP: Some challenges that I faced in my internship was being the only intern of the summer, the youngest in the office, and no prior internship experience. I was able to overcome these challenges through open communication with my supervisor, the Director of Finance, and the City of Cranston mayor. Time management and asking questions also helped me to better understand what needed to be done and how.

AC: In looking into your future, do you think interning has helped you with your career development?

KP: This internship will definitely help me with my career development. It confirmed my choice for a career path in the business field with a concentration on governmental accounting. The number of connections that I made through my internship for the City of Cranston will also further my career options.

AC: Any advice for underclassmen who are majoring in accounting? 

KP: I suggest that Accounting underclassmen students do the following: 1) take classwork seriously because it is actually applied in the office, 2) complete at least one internship before graduating, 3) take advantage of office hours with the professors (most have a CPA or Doctorate degree), and 4) make sure that you love what you do!


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