PwC’s Intern – Maduka

8518_1165971269617_6424399_nName: Maduka Nwanekezi
Major/Minor: Accouting/Statistics
Company Interned For: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts

AC: How do you believe Bryant has helped you throughout your internship?

MN: Bryant is what made me choose to major in accounting! I came to school as an actuarial mathematics major. I always thought that accounting was a very tedious area to study and it was only for “the smartest people on campus”. However, once I took the first two accounting classes, I fell in love with accounting thanks to the professors I took and the Bryant curriculum.

AC: How did you learn about your internship?

MN: I learned about the internship through The Amica Center. After taking Business 101 my first semester of freshman year, I knew that I needed to have a resume for my junior year when I start applying for internships and such. I was advised to go to The Amica Center to get my resume critiqued so it was attractive to potential companies I would apply to.  I also heard about Amica’s career fair on campus so I took the opportunity to network at this event.  That is where I met the campus recruiter, Ann, from PwC. I had a long talk with her and fell in love with PwC by the time I was done talking to her. At the time, I did not have the GPA to get the internship at PwC but going into my sophomore year, I made it a mission to bring up my GPA to the standards that PwC was looking for.

AC: What attracted you to this company?

MN: After talking with Ann, I went online and found out PwC is one of the best accounting firms in the country. I thought to myself, there is no better way to start my career in accounting than with the best accounting firm in the country. When I visited the office, I was attracted to the fact that everyone was in business casual instead of the men wearing shirt and tie every day to work. In addition, to how outgoing people were in the office.

AC: What were your day to day operations as an intern?

MN: What I would do, day in and day out, was shadow different areas in the office like tax, auditing, and advisory and then with people at different levels in the workforce like partners, directors, managers, and associates. In addition, we would do simulations of what we would do if I was a permanent worker at PwC. I enjoyed the auditing stimulation the most because I received real world experience instead of just hearing about it in class.

AC: What were some challenges you faced in your internship and how did you overcome them?

MN: The challenges I faced was going around the office and meeting new people. It was hard for me at first to approach people I have never met, introduce myself, and ask what they do day in and day out especially as an intern. However, I overcame them by remembering what a guest speaker at Bryant said, “if you are not active then no one will know about you.” I then started to ask people if they need help with anything and they loved that I could helped them out with work that needed to be done.

AC: In looking into your future, do you think interning has helped you with your career development?

MN: In my opinion, interning is the best way to develop your career. I learned many things about corporate America that I would not learned sitting at a desk in the classrooms of Bryant University. The best way to learn is by experience and I believe there is no better way to do that than by getting an internship. It builds your knowledge so you can take it back to the classroom and also your relationships with people in big companies so you can build your network.

AC: Any advice for underclassmen who are majoring in?

MN: It is never too early to start thinking about your future. People recommend not to worry about the real world until your junior year. I honestly believe that it is too late and you will face more competition to get an internship then. I started my freshman year and have created a lasting friendship with people and gained a vast knowledge at PwC starting my freshman year.