Tara’s Internship Abroad at 4C Comunicación

Interning in Spain definitely had it's benefits-lots of site seeing!

Interning in Spain definitely had it’s benefits-lots of site seeing!

Name: Tara Hersey

Major: International Business, Concentration Marketing & Spanish

Company Interned For: 4C Comunicación

Hometown: Norwood, MA but my internship was in Salamanca, Spain!

AC: What was your favorite aspect of your internship?

TH: The best part of my internship was working with incredible employees that were patient, welcoming, and gave me an entirely new perspective on conducting business.

AC:What were your day-to-day duties as an intern?  How do you think they were different than interning for a company in The United States?

TH: Throughout my internship experience, I worked on creating a marketing plan for launching new websites for different companies and purposes. This included a lot of researching, active brainstorming with other employers, and innovative thinking for reaching new target markets and discovering alternative advertising methods. In comparison to a company in the United States, the business culture was entirely different in Spain and the focus of the business depended a lot more on the people doing the work, than on the actual work. The employers of 4C Comunicación were a family. Part of what has made the company so successful, is their ability to work well together and with the customers.

AC: What did you learn from your internship?

My desk at the office

My desk at the office

TH: I learned how to express myself and my ideas in new ways, as well as listen and learn from everything and everyone. I gained a hands on experience that opened my mind to a whole new culture and way of doing business.
AC: Which classes, or projects, have you been a part of here at Bryant that you would say helped you during this internship?
TH: First and foremost, my Spanish classes! None of my employees spoke any English so I needed to become outgoing and confident in my Spanish speaking abilities really quickly to be able to adapt to the culture and work environment. Besides that, each and every IB class prepared me in some way for my internship, especially the projects from each class that gave me the ability to communicate my ideas in a clear, precise manner to an audience. A lot of my time spent at 4C Comunicación involved sharing and presenting my work in front of other employees, and thanks to the constant presentations in my Bryant classes, I was able to do that easily and effectively.
Getting my certificate for officially interning for a business overseas

Getting my certificate for officially interning for a business overseas

AC: What advice would you give other IB majors, specifically underclassmen?

TH: At some point you will be out of your comfort zone, and there’s nothing to do but embrace it. Speak as much and as often as possible, ask questions about everything, and learn as much as you can because there is so much to be taken away. As for your time at Bryant and not abroad, find a way to motivate yourself and do it. Study abroad is 110% worth all the late nights and studying you’re doing in the meantime!


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