Lauren Howson’s Intern Experience

art 003 (2)Name: Lauren Howson

Major: Applied Psychology

Company Interned For: Harvard Vanguard, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Hometown: Bedford, NH

AC: What was your favorite aspect of your internship?  What made your internship unique?

LH: I loved being able to observe the appointments the child had with the pediatrician. As the semester went on, I became more familiar with the diagnostic material she would use and be able to diagnose the child myself. I liked that I was able to see the different ways disorders present themselves, opposed to the textbook view you receive in a classroom. I think my internship was unique because I could see the child improve as therapy took place and I saw several different angles of the diagnostic process.

AC: What were your day-to-day duties as an intern?

LH: My department had a lot of paperwork to manage, so some of my time was spent doing administrative work. I became very familiar with different diagnostic tests and their scoring. I would observe meetings with my supervisor who was a social worker and  diagnostic appointments with the pediatrician. I also had a few ongoing projects such as creating a database of the educational standards in Massachusetts.

AC: What did you learn in your internship and what challenges did you overcome through these learning experiences?

LH: My knowledge of psychology broadened greatly from my internship. You can only learn so much from a course and my internship filled in a lot of aspects. The internship was not as hands-on as I would have liked it to be, but I learned fundamentals that will be very valuable to me in the future.

AC: How did you find this internship?

LH: I found this internship through a friend. Her mother works at Harvard Vanguard and put me in touch with this department. I was the first intern they had, and lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

AC: Which classes at Bryant would you say helped you to be a successful intern?

LH: This internship was heavily associated with abnormal psychology, so that course was essential for my internship because it provided me with some prior knowledge about the disorders. I worked with excel as well, so CIS was helpful.

AC: What would be your advice to any undergraduate looking in your field of study?

LH: Start looking early. This is important for any kind of internship. Especially if you have a certain one in mind, start inquiring early and be persistent. Specifically for psychology, you have to be proactive about finding internships. There are a lot of different options but you just have to be dedicated and look for them.


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