The Rhode Show’s Intern – Nicole Barrett

CaptureName: Nicole Barrett

Major: Communication

Company Interned For: WPRI- The Rhode Show

Hometown: Falmouth, MA

AC: How did you hear about this internship?

NB: The Comm department emailed all their students in their classes about the internship and the first students to respond were given the opportunity!  The Amica Center helped me fill out forms for the internship to receive academic credit and also helped me to connect with WPRI on different levels.  I don’t think I would have gotten everything done that needed to be completed without Amica.

AC: What was your position at the company and what were your hours?

NB: I work 7am-12pm on Wednesdays and Fridays and I am a Rhode Show Intern.

AC: How were you able to balance both your school work and your internship at the same time?

NB: It was very hard to do because of the early hours but I made sure I delegated time for my school work and tried to go to bed at a reasonable time so I was not exhausted.  Once I got the hang of it, waking up at 5:30am was not so bad but I definitely always looked forward to sleeping in on the weekends.  My class schedule was also unintentionally planned perfectly so everything fell into place.

AC: What were your day-to-day duties as an intern?

NB: There was a meeting every day at 7am that I sat in on about the breakdown of the show that day, about the guests we were having, what cameras were needed, and what the talent would be discussing.  Then I would distribute a list of the guests to the front desk and have a copy in back. I would turn on the studio lights and monitors, make sure the set and the kitchen were ready, empty the dishwasher, as well as make coffee…typical intern duties. I would put the times of the cooking hits for the chefs to use and then greet and take care of the guests who came on. I had to make sure they signed a release form and were given a gift.  My day usually ended with cleaning the set and logging. I would watch interviews the talent conducted and type out what the guests said for the hosts to use in their own segments later on.therhodeshow-17_600

AC: What is your favorite memory?

NB: My favorite memory was surprisingly when The Rhode Show was cancelled. When the Boston bomber suspects were being chased after, the news room was insane! They had cancelled the show in order for the news to continue and everyone was surrounding the TV with the volume all the way up. Producers were yelling across the newsroom and people were running in and out of the set. It was very interesting to see how they dealt with breaking news.  So although I was unable to do my normal duties, it was awesome experience being thrown into something unexpected and will be something I remember forever.

AC: Any advice for other communication majors?

NB: An internship is a great way to figure out what you might want to do or what you might not want to do. Any experience is good experience so don’t pass up any opportunities!


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