Mikayla’s Experience at Turner Broadcasting


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Name: Mikayla LaRosa

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major/Minor: Communication/Film Studies & Business Administration

Company Interned For: Turner Broadcasting, Standards & Practices Department

Year: Senior

AC:  How did you hear about your internship?

ML: I found out about the internship directly on the Time Warner website, which owns Turner Broadcasting, and searched for positions that caught my interest amongst the hundreds posted. I applied to three different internships within Turner and got a call back on two of them. After two interviews, a phone and a skype interview, I was offered the position and accepted!

AC:  How did Bryant help in your preparation for your internship?

ML: While I have always known I wanted to pursue a career in media, Bryant has provided me the opportunities to grow through experience. I have been able to foster strong relationships with the Communication faculty, who have served as invaluable mentors. For example, Tom Zammerelli was instrumental in connecting me to the production house I interned at in Providence last summer, as well as insight and guidance during the interview process for Turner. Additionally, the Amica Center for Career Education helped me brush up on my Skype interviewing skills, as well as providing a quiet and professional space for my Skype interview.

turner_silver_tmAC:  What did you find most exciting working with Turner?  What did you find most challenging?

ML: The most exciting part about working at Turner was being a part of one of the world’s leading media organization and experiencing all the aspects that go into making TV happen. There are so many things going on behind the scenes a typical viewer would never realize, and after this internship, I definitely will never look at TV the same. With that, rewiring the way that I view or “consume” television was definitely one of my greatest challenges. When I tell people about my internship, it might sound like all I did was watch TV all day – but there was so much more too it, and it is much harder than it sounds. It so easy to get wrapped up in a story line and completely miss something! It took weeks to train myself to known what to pay attention too and master a description with professional and proper syntax.

AC:  If you could explain your internship in 9 words, what would they be?

ML: Tracking dialogue, language, sex, and violence across competitive networks.

AC:  Any advice for underclassmen looking to pursue an internship in the communication field?

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Interns across different departments

ML: First and foremost, follow your passion! I’ve known for a while I wanted to work in the media industry, so I applied to internships across a number of large media companies. Of course internships in the communication field, especially paid positions, are extremely competitive. At Turner, I was selected from a pool of over a thousand internship applicants. But that should not discourage you; preparation is the key! As an underclassman, I knew my general area of interest and researched the skills required for the positions I wanted, such as experience with various types of editing software and a demo reel of my recent work. For their, I began seeking out opportunities around Bryant and within my courses that would build my experience, which would eventually gave me an edge over my competition. You have to be willing to take risks, put yourself out there, and be confident in your abilities; if you have the right skills and the desire any employers will see that and want you a part of their company.


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