TribalVision’s Newest Addition: Laura Wrightson

5Name: Laura Wrightson

Hometown: Sterling, MA

Major: Marketing

Company Interning For: TribalVision

AC: How did you come across TribalVision?

LW: TribalVision was a company that was suggested to the Bryant Marketing Association by a former member who had spoken to them at that semester’s career fair. As the President, I invited the CEO to speak at one of our meetings. It was a great turn out, so I kept in contact with him, hoping that he would be able to speak again in upcoming semesters. Low and behold, my constant contact with them landed me an internship with them a year later!

AC: If you could explain TribalVision to someone who had never heard of it before, how would you explain it?

LW: I would describe TribalVision as a company who has capitalized on all things true and honest. As a start-up company, beginning in only 2010, they truly have taken the time to learn how to market in a way that has the its customers in mind. The company is primarily a marketing consulting firm, focusing on creating marketing strategies that are best suited for the small business that they work with. It is all about honesty and relationships and well, marketing, of course.

AC: What is your position and what are your day to day duties?

LW: My daily activities include anything from primary research to begin relationships, to helping to format presentations, to writing and submitting proposals for potential client interactions and new endeavors, and so much more! It is kind of hard to keep up with everything I do because I am given a great amount of responsibility!

AC: How has Bryant helped you to be successful with your time thus far at TribalVision?

LW: A lot of what I learn in the classroom, I find, is incredibly useful to apply in my work setting. We constantly write-up presentations that include useful tips and hints that require a background in marketing. Consumer behavior is one class that I have been able to apply a lot from in this real-world setting; I find this very useful because after all, every job is all about knowing your customers, right?

AC: Do you think having an internship is vital as an undergraduate? If so, what is the most important thing to look for in an internship?

LW: This internship is actually my third professional experience since beginning my college career. Advice for finding the perfect internship?

1. Believe in the company. You are not going to ever like your experience if it is not a company you truly believe in in the first place.

2. Use your resources. There are others out there who have interned with the company you are looking at (hopefully) , so REACH OUT! I know that I personally love to tell people about my experiences, good or bad, and there are many others out there who feel the same. LinkedIn is a great resource and search tool to be able to do this, as well as this blog!

3. Finally, do not EVER settle for what you are not totally confident in. I turned down four internships last fall not knowing if I would get another opportunity (but, with time and effort, I did!), but knowing that none of those internships were for me. You may be able to say it was a good experience in the end, but was it worth taking it when you could have exerted your energy to land an internship or job that’s truly for you!

AC: Any advice for undergraduate students?!

LW: If there is one piece of advice that I would give a current college undergrad, or upcoming college student, it would be to lock in an internship ASAP. At Bryant, we do learn an incredible amount in the classroom, more than you would find at many other schools, however, this is not enough to move you to that step towards reality and professionalism. My first two internships were not what I was looking for, they turned out to be quite wrong for me, actually, but how much worse would that experience have been if it was a full-time job I had accepted? Internship opportunities are on the rise, kids, and its time for us able Bryant students to swoop them up and show the college world what this university is made of!

AC: lastly, we know you are a senior, so any plans for post-grad?! If not, what is your dream?!

LW: My dream has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with unrealistic romance and love. My dream is to be able to sit down at my desk, in my office, wherever that may be, and say “I did it. My hard work has paid off and I have landed where I wanted to be.” Where that is, I do not know, but just like many other things in life, you know it when you have it, and I’m just waiting for that day.


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