Bailey Cornell’s WPRI Internship Experience

Internship photoName: Bailey Cornell

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Communication major, Spanish & Business Administration double minor

Hometown: Killingworth, CT

Company Interned For: WPRI The Rhode Show

AC: What was your position and your duties on a day to day basis?
BC: As an intern for the Rhode Show, I do a wide variety of things to help out with the production of the show.  I greet guests, log footage, run the teleprompter, help set up and break down sets, and most of all I learn a lot about how a television show is produced.  Here’s a picture of me with the headset on in the studio kitchen.
AC: What was your favorite part about your internship and what did you find most challenging?  How about one memory that you will always remember?!
BC: It’s tough to pick a favorite part of my internship because I’m always having lots of fun! I get to interact with awesome people and do a bunch of random and awesome things. I’m getting to know all of the hosts; thankfully they’re all so nice and willing to answer all of the questions I have for them.  I love hearing about how they got started in the business and where they plan on going next because it seems to be different for everyone! Here’s a picture of all of the hosts of the show and me throwing some leaves in the air behind them:

I’ve also gotten to meet lots of really interesting people who come on the show, from chefs to history buffs to people in costume.  These are some photos of me and some awesome people who have visited us on the show:

739881_10151774171054219_1683596856_o (1)

I also get to go on field shoots with them to interview people all over the state.  My favorite was when I got to go up in a helicopter over Newport!  It was beautiful and so much fun.  n

The most challenging part is probably just that it’s so early in the morning. I have to be there at 7 am and it’s about 30 minutes from Bryant so that makes for some pretty early mornings for a college student. But thankfully it really isn’t that much of a problem.
AC: What is it like to watch The Rhode Show and know that something you did made this happen?  What was the culture like?
BC: I love knowing that I helped to put together such a successful show. It’s so funny when I see it on TV because I know exactly what going on behind the scenes and the effort that is put into even the littlest things.  The culture is amazing.  Everyone is always laughing and having fun so it’s just a great place to be.
AC: Which classes from Bryant helped you succeed throughout your internship?
BC: The two classes that have helped me the most are Basic Field Production and Basic Studio Production.  They taught me a lot about how to use the equipment that is used in production.
AC:  How did you come across it? 
BC: I actually came across this internship because of a professor here at Bryant: Tom Zammarelli.  He was able to set up the whole thing for me, which was perfect.
AC: Lastly, what advice do you have for undergraduate students looking to pursue an internship?
BC: My advise to anyone looking to pursue an internship is if you are thinking about doing it or aren’t quite sure just go for it. Give it a try because it is definitely great experience that you won’t be able to get any other way.  And if you wind up hating it at least now you know that that is not the right job for you and you can focus your time on a career that will make you happy.

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