Alisheya’s Special Events Internship With Bryant

DSP_0473Name: Alisheya Luthman

Major/Minor: Double Concentration in Marketing and Sociology

Year: Senior

Company Interned For: Bryant University; Conferences and Special Events Office

Hometown: Worcester, MA

AC: What was it like interning for Bryant, rather than just being the typical student?

AL: SO DIFFERENT! Literally campus is SO different in the summer and what I was doing has completely changed my view of Bryant. I would see teachers around, but it’s nothing like the academic year. Hours are different, there’s no saying “hi!”to that random friend you run into, or anything like that. PLUS, the Fisher Center was closed for renovations, so there was no Dunks. I think what also made it really differant was the people who were on campus were now my guests and clients…not peers.  I wasn’t just hanging out at school; I had tasks, had to dress professionally, met with clients daily, and had to be able to handle situations every second of the day. I wasn’t in class, so when I wasn’t working, I was just getting ready for the next day. But working in the Conference Office is a 24/7 job! It gave me a new respect for Bryant, I can tell you that!

AC: How did you come across your internship?

AL: I was sitting in Salmo one day, and was reading something in the napkin holders about The Conference and Special Events office hiring for the Summer. I had wanted to do it the previous year, but because I was an orientation leader and was studying abroad, I didn’t have the chance. I applied that day. Best decision I ever made.

AC: What were your day-to-day duties?1526348_799015130124898_1087669503_n

AL: They always varied. Some days I would be doing signange for a conference, guest management, tackling a crises or two that came in. Others I would be working in the office taking care of tasks for upcoming conferences, like housing assigments or keys. At night I would be on duty and would handle lockouts/ various situations that arose in the middle of the night. Some days I was planning receptions, others I would be making sure a check-in for a conference was going smoothly. My phone was ringing all the time, because I would give my number to guests in case they needed anything. I wanted to give them the best experaince at Bryant, like Bryant has given me. Some days I would be going through over 400 keys that needed to get put away, or digging through our storage unit for something we needed! I handled A/V, logistics, food services, room assignements, etc…There is no normal day in event planning, ESPECIALLY in my office!

AC: Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

AL: I think its important because it’s a.) experiance and b.) you never know how much you love or hate something until you do it and complete it. It’s like a class. You can try different classes out, sometimes you have to drop them because you don’t like it at all, but sometimes you just really love a class and can’t get enough of it.  I think its a similar feeling with an internship! The experiance too, because you learn so much. I was fortunate enough that my bosses asked me to continue my internship through the school year, and I never stop learning and experiancing. The event industry is crazy, so everyday is a new day for me! The more you learn, the better you are off in the future is how I feel!

AC: Any plans for after graduation?

AL: As of right now, I have nothing definitively lined up! However I have been in contact with a few places to be working with event management. Fingers crossed something works!

AC: How can other students learn about internships that take place in Bryant?Fisher_Center_dedication_664

AL: Ask people, read the marketing material and be active in your search. You cannot expect things to just happen. Networking on campus, about on-campus internships is the best thing you can do. I reguarly tell people about the conference office because it is such a unique positon and requires a passion and love for the industry and learning. There are emails that go out all the time. Or, just walk into an office that you have an interest in and ask! Asking never hurt anyone! A lot of students like to go home, but honestly, Bryant Offers just as unique of an experiance than I would have gotten anywhere else, plus the friends I have made are awesome!


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