Leadership Award Winner Michael Malenfant

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.10.06 PMName: Michael Malenfant

Graduation Year: 2014

Major: Management

Hometown: Lakeville, MA

AC: Can you briefly explain what the George M. Parks Award is?

MM: According to the award description, “The George M. Parks Award is presented to a graduating senior whose recognized leadership qualities have significantly enhanced the reputation of the University”


AC: Congratulations on winning it! What leadership roles have you held on campus in the past four years?

MM: While at Bryant I’ve been involved with a few different facets of campus. I was an Orientation Leader the summer after my freshman year, and the Orientation Staff Coordinator the summer after my sophomore year. I was the President of my fraternity, Sigma Chi, as well as was the Head Student Center Manager of the newly renovated Fisher Student Center on campus. Beyond that, I have worked with the Ambassador Program, the Leadership Development Program and the Senior Class Gift this past year.


AC: How have these roles positively impacted Bryant? 

MM: I would say working with the renovation of our student center was the experience with the most impact on Bryant. After my junior year, I stayed on campus with the Office of Campus Engagement to provide a student voice through the construction project. My suggestions, thoughts and ideas were taken seriously, and still to this day I can see the remnants of my work as I walk through the building. Also as an Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador, I have been able to work closely with prospective students, as well as brand new students entering the university in order to answer questions and help acclimate them to our campus.539748_10150933706677799_1837143207_n


AC: Why is it so important for students to get involved in leadership roles?

MM: I believe it is important for students to get involved for many reasons. First, the lessons and experiences you gain outside of the classroom are just as valuable post graduation, as all of the research papers and examinations that we are required to complete in the classroom. Being able to identify your best approach when working with others, your role in a team and how to create positive change are all outcomes of my involvement at Bryant, that are invaluable to anybody entering an organization after graduation. I also believe that campus involvements truly bring life to Bryant’s campus. Thinking back to my best memories at Bryant, many of them were through the connections I made through my organizations and involvement opportunities. Being able to attend leadership retreats, concerts planned by my peers, watching one of my housemates compete in Mr. Bryant, and being a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated Fisher Student Center are just some of the memories that I will hold closest to me as I soon graduate from Bryant.


AC: Any advice for your fellow graduating class?

MM: Honestly, do what you want to be doing with your life. More often than not, I feel as if individuals are pushed into certain career paths, situations, relationships, experiences and beliefs simply because it is what is expected of them by those around them. As we leave Bryant, find what you want to be doing, who you are, what 9895_381553661970931_2080103313_nyour next steps will be and who will be there with you ever step of the way. Bryant has prepared us excellently for our next steps, regardless of what they may be. Walk with confidence and excitement to take a new step each and every day.


AC: Lastly, any plans for after graduation?

MM: After graduation, I will be attending the University of Connecticut to pursue my Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs, during which I will be the graduate assistant in the University’s Student Union. Coming into Bryant, I never expected this to be my future path, but I believe Bryant really did allow me to find my passion and I’m excited for my next steps after graduation!



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