Ashlee Burke’s HR Internship

602669_10150310136549995_321696323_nName: Ashlee Burke

Major/Minor: Management/Legal Studies

Year: 2014 (Senior)

Company Interned For: Axis Communications, Human Resources Intern

Hometown: Methuen, MA


AC:  What were your day-to-day duties as an intern?

AB: My day to day responsibilities included scheduling phone screens and onsite interviews with prospective candidates, creating various recruiting metrics, and if needed, assigned buddies to new hires as well as filed their paperwork. I was also assigned different projects throughout the course of my internship such as creating a new time sheet for part-time employees and interns. They also gave me a long-term project which was revamping the onboarding process to make it a more engaging experience that started at the beginning of my internship and would be presented at the end.

AC:  What role did Amica, your professors, or other campus resources play in obtaining this internship?

AB: Although the BCC is a great source to find internships, it is not the only way to find one. The Amica Center directed me to different internship websites (I found mine on and I was able to find a larger selection of internships that were in my area and what I was interested in!

AC:  What was your favorite memory? 

AB: My favorite memories were participating in onboarding because I got to know some great people and learn a lot about the company and the Ping-Pong tournament the interns had to organize at the end of the summer because you saw everyone come together and take a break from the stress of work to have some fun. Plus an intern beat a full-time employee so that sweetened it a little.

AC:  Are you maintaining a connection with your co-workers from your internship? 

AB: Yes I am! We developed a great relationship while working together and so I like to check in every once and a while and update them on my life and ask how everything’s going with them. We email back and forth a few times a month and shoot each other the occasional text.

AC:  Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

AB: During an internship, they treat you like a full-time employee so it gives you a true real world experience. Any internship you get, paid or unpaid is so valuable because you learn so much about the workplace, about life after graduation, about yourself. An internship is a platform for a full-time job. Whether you want a job at the company where you did your internship or are looking at another company, you’ll have the experience; you’ll have your foot in the door. And companies are looking for experience. Also, internships help you figure out what exactly you want to be doing every day for the rest of your life.

AC:  Any plans for after graduation?

AB: Working full-time, and then after 6 months, or a comfortable amount of time, in the workforce I’ll start going to grad school at night.

AC:  Any advice for underclassmen?

AB:  Do an internship. Internships are the best way to experience what the real world is like. Companies value interns and don’t just give them busy work; you’re involved in projects that matter. Soak up all the information you can and ask as many questions as you can. Stay in contact with the people you worked with because even if you don’t want to work there in the future you have them as a resource for information you might need.


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