Devlin-Ann Ammendola’s New York Story!

Name: Devlin-Ann Ammendola

Major / Minor: Global Supply Chain Management/Psychology

The office at Mediavest

The office at MediaVest

Year: Graduating May 2015

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Company Interned for: I worked at MediaVest for Yahoo

Internship Location: New York City

What were your day-to-day intern duties? I was a planning, buying, and research intern.  Considering MediaVest is an agency, I met with vendors such as LinkedIn, Google, Hulu, etc. almost every day.  Sometimes these meetings took place in a conference room but other times these meeting would take place at upscale restaurants in New York City which is a common perk of the industry.  Before meetings I would send vendors an e-mail of what we are trying to accomplish with Yahoo so that they could come prepared with a relevant presentation. Yahoo runs on a quarterly basis so the work environment was hectic and fast-paced.  Once I was trained to learn the necessary software my main responsibility was to pull reports and analyze data to support and prove that the plan decisions we prepared made sense. If we decided to proceed with a vendor I was in charge of the operations including buyer’s authorizations, purchase orders, and insertion orders.  I got to work on several projects including Yahoo beauty, food, sports, world cup, etc.  Considering my whole summer was based on Yahoo, I was exposed to numerous strategies and had to stay ahead of current news, trends, and technologies.  Throughout my internship, it was required that I create my own individual 15 minute presentation that I presented the last week of summer to all the managers, interns, and anyone else in the company who wanted to come.

Devlin's office set-up for her summer internship with Mediavest!

Devlin’s office set-up for her summer internship with MediaVest!

What role did Amica, your professors, or other campus resources play in obtaining your internship:

This internship was posted on the BCC website so that is how I interviewed for the position. Although every course at Bryant prepared me for this internship, I found that the class which helped me the most with this internship was the E-business models course which counted towards my Supply Chain Major.  Amica was great in helping me find an internship-they are all extremely friendly and passionate about helping students succeed.

What was your favorite memory?

My favorite memory was when the World Cup was on television.  Everyone at my company reserved restaurants and tables at the liveliest places in New York City and were given an extended lunch break so that every employee could enjoy a good time with their fellow co-workers and watch the game.

Are you maintaining a connection with your co-workers from your internship?

Yes! I had three managers that I became close with and I even made a few intern friends that I keep in touch with.

Why do you think it was important to complete an internship?

Learning in the classroom gives you basic knowledge but actually interning in a company gives you so much more perspective.  Interning is a great opportunity to see if what you thought you wanted to do in life is what you really want to do.  An internship is great because it is for a short amount of time and is like a test run.  The networking and contacts you gain from interning are priceless, after every meeting I attended the vendors would request me on LinkedIn-a social media account that every single business student should have.  If you do not have a LinkedIn you do not exist.  I really learned more from this internship than I ever thought I would and it gave me a clearer vision on what I want to do after graduating.

What advice would you have for underclassmen who are searching for an internship?

Start looking as soon as possible and go to as many career fairs and networking events as possible.  Getting someone’s business card from a company you are interested in goes a long way.  If you sit at home and apply through websites there is a high chance you will never get a response.  You really have to be active and motivated.  Many good companies hire interns early which means that they will not be interested in you if you try to contact them later in the year.

If you could re-do one thing over your Bryant career, what would it be?

I would take advantage of the resources at Bryant more during my freshman and sophomore year.  I really did not take advantage of all the things the Amica Center offers until my Junior Year.  Now that I realize how crucial and helpful the workshops and networking events are, I go to as many as I possibly can.  I am constantly getting my resume checked, constantly going to networking events, and even joining organizations related to my major outside of Bryant.  Bryant really does give you the tools for success and every student should utilize them and take full advantage.

Do you have any plans so far for post-graduation?

I plan to have a job by the end of this semester and am enjoying the interview process as of now to see what opportunities I have-I even already had my first interview the first week back at school.

Anything else you would like to add?

  • Fun Fact: the CEO of MediaVest is a Bryant Alumni!!! I got to speak with him and he is truly an awesome guy, we are even connected on LinkedIn. He helped produce the show Survivor with Mark Burnett and started his career with investment banking.  This shows how what you major in is not stuck to you for life, there are many opportunities out there especially coming out of a great school like Bryant.
  • I am interning at Bradford Soap Works this Fall in West Warwick as a Global Supply Chain Management intern and that was on the BCC website as well.
  • I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for four months
  • I went to Germany/Spain on SIE
  • I am a student athlete on the Women’s Tennis Team at Bryant
  • Any student can contact me if they need advice on anything!

Ben Sawicki



Taylor Bell’s Path to Actuarial Analyst

Name: Taylor Bell

Major / Minor: Major – Actuarial Mathematics, Minor: Business Administration

Grad Year: 2014

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY

Company Interned for: New York Stock Exchange, Euronext

Taylor Bell answers a phone at the NYSE

Taylor Bell answers a phone at the NYSE

Internship Location: New York, New York

What were your day-to-day intern duties?

            I was an intern in the Financial Planning and Analysis department. FP&A has many responsibilities including: conducting the monthly close process, managing the annual budgeting process, providing support for all financial and management aspects of each business unit within NYSE and providing support and interface for all of the business units of Finance. As an intern, I was primarily responsible for creating financial planning and analysis models as well as assisting the accounting department with various projects. Some of the biggest projects that I worked on were creating templates for the budgeting and forecasting process, preparing analysis of costs associated with the global expatriate program, preparing detailed global legal consulting expense analysis, and numerous bank/payroll account reconciliations.

Current Employer and Location:  Mercer – Princeton, NJ

Current Job Title: Retirement Consulting Actuarial Analyst

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist clients with the financial measurement of their retirement benefit programs using state-of-the-art software and stochastic modeling tools.
  • Strategize with clients to develop or enhance their retirement benefit programs.
  • Analyze client data to track historical and future employment trends and their correlation to retirement benefit programs and funding.
  • Keep clients up to date on regulated or legislated changes that affect the ongoing administration of their retirement benefit programs.

What role did Amica, your professors, or other campus resources play in obtaining your internship or full time job?:

As a freshman I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to major in or what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I attended the Career Planning 101 information sessions which were helpful in guiding me towards picking my major and ultimately choosing the actuarial career path. I also used the 24 hour résumé editing services, the BCC and on-campus interviews.

The BCC was the most convenient and easiest way to apply for jobs during my senior year. Being a student-athlete I was always pressed for time and the BCC helped make the job search less time consuming and stressful. It was a great way to narrow down my search and hone in on what I was really interested in.

In addition, my actuarial mathematics professors provided my classmates and I with many opportunities to meet with alumni in the actuarial field. They also frequently gave us advice about how to approach the internship/job search and told us about opportunities that were available.

How has your Bryant education benefitted you in real world examples?

            Bryant prides itself on diversity, teamwork and professionalism. All of these factors are necessary to be successful in the business world. In both my internship and current job it is integral to know how to work with others in order to achieve a common goal.  The strong emphasis that Bryant places on public speaking and group presentations has also helped me tremendously. 

Taylor poses with co-workers at the NYSE during her summer internship

What was your favorite memory of Bryant? Of any internship you held?:

            My favorite Bryant memory was winning the North East Conference Division I softball championship with my team.                                             

What advice would you have for underclassmen who are searching for an internship or full time position?

            Network! The more relationships you have and lasting impressions you make, the easier it is to get an internship/job. Be confident, be prepared, and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.

If you could re-do one thing over your Bryant career, what would it be and why?

            If I could re-do one thing over my Bryant career it would be choosing my major earlier and studying abroad. I chose to major in actuarial mathematics in the middle of my sophomore year and that prevented me from being able to study abroad (unless I wanted to attend an extra year of classes). I love to travel and visit new places so that is definitely something I wish I could have done.

Anything else you would like to add?

Bryant is full of so many amazing clubs and organizations, make sure you get involved with something. It doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t limit yourself to only one thing. Join a club, apply for that e-board position, try out for a sports team – make the most of your time at Bryant because they are truly the best 4 years of your life!

Interview conducted and prepared by Ben Sawicki, Amica Career Center
Ben Sawicki


Ana Esquea’s United Nations Internship

Name: Ana Cristina ANAEsquea
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Global Studies: International Economics Track / Politics and Law
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Organization Interned For: United Nations’ World Population Fund (UNWPA)

What were some of your daily responsibilities at your internship?

The World Population Fund’s main goal is to collect relevant data in areas such as adolescent pregnancy, population and development, and gender equality in order to present it to government officials and other decision makers in the country to influence existing or help shape future legislation. Because they have experts that collect and break down the information, their job is mostly making the connection with the people who ultimately end up making the decisions. I interned specifically under the Population and Development area and was in charge of creating the information packages sent to senators, as well as helping plan and execute the launch of one of their most recent studies on the Cost of Teenage Pregnancies for the country. I was also in charge of creating a plan to include informative posters in public transportation such as the public bus system and the metro.

What role did the Amica Career Center play in getting your internship?

Though I got my internship through other contacts, the Amica Career Center helped me prepare the resume I ultimately submitted with my application.

What was your favorite experience from your internship?

My favorite part of the internship was without a doubt getting to shake hands with Ban-Ki Moon, the Secretary-General of the UN, who visited the country for the first time while I was interning there.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

I have always had a strong interest in how the international community works, and working for the United Nations has always been something I’ve considered. Getting to work within the system taught me not only how to make and maintain important relationships with people who might be influential, but also how the system works as well as the bureaucracy and thought behind every decision made. I also had to complete special training in case of emergencies which provided me with the tools to be able to not only survive, but protect myself and those around me in case of an emergency.

Will you keep in touch with coworkers from your internship?

I will definitely keep in touch with them, not only because I was offered an internship next summer, but because I met a wonderful group of people who are also influential in the field I would like to go into.

How did/will this internship help you further your career?

Being able to intern in a UN office as an incoming sophomore is not an opportunity a lot of people get. As international relations is the area I would like to go into once I’m done with college, having this experience under my belt will be extremely helpful in not only demonstrating to people that I am capable of such an opportunity, but also that I understand the system and am truly dedicated to the job, whatever that may be.

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