Nick Zacchilli’s Hanover Insurance Internship

Name: Nicholas Zacchilli

Major: Finance & Analytics, Minor: Entrepreneurship

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Londonderry, NH

Company Interned With: Hanover Insurance

Nick poses in front of Hanover Insurance in Worcester, MA

Nick poses in front of Hanover Insurance in Worcester, MA

Internship Location: Worcester, MA

Duties: I had two projects this past summer. For the first project, I was in charge of extracting data and analyzing trends that we could capitalize on. For the second project I created an evaluation process by meeting with many different people and understanding the meaning of a great employee. These projects had my day split at my desk and out in meetings and meeting with other employees at their desks.

Preparation: The Amica Career Center definitely prepared me for the interview process by critiquing my resume and providing me with resources to work through a video interview.

How Bryant helped me: First, by teaching me how important Excel is in the real world. Also making me a well-rounded student who is able to adapt, learn, and understand a particular problem and how to solve that problem.

Advice: I advise underclassmen to apply to every internship possible. Especially as an underclassmen, many employers don’t even look at underclassmen resumes so the more applications the better. Other than that, be outspoken and able to talk about every group project you have done here.

If I could go back: I wish I was involved more on campus for my first two years.  It really pays off to have activities and projects on your resume.

Underclassmen Advice: Go to the Amica Career Center early and often- they will help you!

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