Ashley Lamoreaux’s Adidas Internship!

Name: Aashleyshley Lamoreaux

Class of 2016

International Business- Finance, minor in Spanish

Norwell, Massachusetts

Organization Interned For:
The Adidas Group – Reebok branch


What were some of your daily responsibilities at your internship?


At the Adidas Group, I was interning in the Performance Management-Global Brand Operations department. Within this department, there was a team of six; two at Reebok in Canton, MA, one at AdiGolf/Taylormade/Ashworth in Carlsbad, CA, and three at Adidas in Herzo, Germany. Our team was responsible for accounting the Workload of employees in various departments across the three brands. We also were responsible for creating budgets, forecasts in spending, and monthly reports for those departments. With this, I would be running data from all three brands and compiling it into a presentable mass excel document to send to the VPs of each department. This operation usually occurred within the second week of each month. I was also responsible for creating an internal survey for the employees regarding our Workload concept.

What role did the Amica Career Center play in getting your internship?

The Amica Career Center helped me create and better my resume. They also held many information sessions that helped me decide what I wanted to do for a summer internship.

What winstaas your favorite experience from your internship?

I had a few amazing experiences with my internship. I was able to see all the new product to be released in 2015 and 2016 and see the technology behind it. I was able to connect with many of the Senior VPs of the company when they came in from around the world for their annual VP meeting in Canton. When my department had its annual meeting, I was in charge of planning everything involved (transportation, meeting rooms, schedules, etc.) and I had to plan an offsite day, where I ended up taking all my coworkers into Boston for the day and got to know them really well while we went on Duck Tours and went bowling. It was awesome to learn about the work ethics in the places they came from. Lastly, my most amazing experience was in the Marketing department. Reebok employees are encouraged to use their break time to work out on campus to fulfill the “fit” motto the company gives off. During this time I would go into the dance studio and make up routines and dance. One of the Marketing employees happened to notice me and dressed me in all new dance apparel and filmed me to be featured on the Reebok Instagram page. My dance was seen worldwide and it was an incredible experience.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

The most important thing I learned at my internship was consistency. The company used consistency for everything. Every Excel sheet, letter, slide show, or email had to be formatted the exact same way. Also, we constantly had business calls at the same time on the same day every week.

Will you keep in touch with coworkers from your internship?

I most definitely will! My main supervisor actually studied abroad in Spain, and I am currently studying abroad in Spain. He would like me to contact him afterwards to let him know how my experience turned out. Also, with my dad working for the company, I am sure to run into my team when I go into work with him every now and then.

How did/will this internship help you further your career?

I really would like the opportunity to have a full-time job with the Adidas Group after graduation. This internship was the first step to putting my name in front of the company. Also, being an International Business major, it gave me so much experience I will need to further my career on the International level. I had worked for local companies in the past, and this was my first time working for a global business that is well-recognized all over the world.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

My best piece of advice for an underclassman would be to diversify. I have encountered many different financial jobs and I still need to decide where I want to take my finance major after graduation. As much as I loved working with the Adidas Group, the position I had taken was not something I would want to do for the rest of my career. I have also taken an internship with loans and banking at Radius Financial Group Inc. and it is completely different from what I had done this past summer with Adidas. Explore, explore, explore! You never know what you may find and enjoy doing!


Interview conducted and prepared by

Shannon Bio


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