Bryant Actuarial Team Takes 2nd Place in Traveler’s Competition!

Every October, Traveler’s Insurance holds a national case competition in which teams of actuarial students from all over the country gather to compete for the best presentation.  Bryant students are invited every year, and this year the team came in second place!

This was an extremely impressive placing for Bryant’s actuarial students because of their level of experience.  The six students who competed are Molly Guinee, Nicholas Howard, William Kelley, Meghan Ryan, Jared Saunders, and Emma Wieduwilt.  As a team entirely composed of sophomores, they were particularly inexperienced in comparison to their competition.

Despite their level of experience, the students gave an excellent presentation that dealt with car insurance rate-making to compete against URI, WPI, Temple, UConn, and many more universities that represented the

Jim Bishop, the actuarial coordinator for the math department brought the group to Travelers where they stayed overnight, attended a lovely dinner, and did some networking.  The next day, the students were given a business problem dealing with car insurance rate-making, expected to find a solution, and give a presentation on it a few hours later.  The case focused on commercial auto insurance and the severity and frequency of bodily injury and property claims.  The group was required to analyze the data over time to determine the loss ratio in order to predict the claims for 2015.

“I found the competition to be a challenge, incorporating both the analytical component, as well as the executive decision-making side of the actuarial profession,” said Will Kelley.  He said the team worked to the last minute, using skills they learned in class, but relying on their intuition.

In the end, the group came to the consensus that their analysis and content could have been improved upon, but their high quality presentation skills due to Bryant’s emphasis on presenting was a large contributing factor as to why they were awarded second place.  Their presentation was very professional.  Will Kelley attributed their success to becoming accustomed to presenting in classes like GFOB.  He believes that this gave them the ability to impress the judges with their interpretation of the data.

Overall, the students found that the best part of the program was the fact that it gave them opportunities.  Will Kelley was encouraged to apply for the Travelers’ AALDP Internship program and is currently in the interviewing process.  The students were also afforded the opportunity to network with Travelers’ employees and other actuarial students.

“Having the opportunity to present in front of Travelers was very unique in that we could show off our talents and get our names and faces out there,” said Emma Wieduwilt.  “In the end, this opportunity has greatly benefited me as I have accepted an offer for Travelers’ summer Actuarial Internship.

Coming in second at this competition was a huge success for the actuarial department, and they plan to return next year with even more experience and preparations.

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Mariah Lang’s Cintas Internship!


Name: Mariah Lang

Company: Cintas Corporation

Division: First Aid and Safety

Position: Management Intern

Location: Sacramento, CA

What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?

This was my 3rd year interning at Cintas. This past summer my manager chose to forgo my title of “intern” being that I have now been there longer than the other managers. He gave me the title of Service Manager and split our branch in half, giving me half of the other Service Manager’s employees. These 5 routes and 5 working partners reported to me daily, and I was in charge of all of their needs and helping them with their routes and customers. I was also in charge of meeting with each partner twice a week to go over goals and sales to make sure they hit their monthly goals.

What role did the Amica Career Center play in obtaining this internship?

During my freshman year, I received an email from the Multicultural Student Union about INROADS, a nonprofit company that places students in fortune 500 companies. I applied and attended an information session at the Amica Career Center with a representative from the company. From there I was placed with a mentor who walked me through possible internships and the interviewing process. I interviewed for the position in Sacramento, CA, over the phone while here at Bryant and within a week was placed with Cintas.

What was your favorite experience/memory from your internship?

My first year with Cintas I was hired as an accounting intern. I did basic accounts receivable and helped around the office. I was invited to come back over winter break, December 2012/ January 2013. When I came back to the office, my manager walked into my cubicle and said, “You are not going to be an accountant, you are going to be a manager.” He told me he just could not see me sticking with my accounting role and he had noticed how well I had spearheaded projects over the summer and managed a team. He wanted to switch my position to a management internship, and I agreed. I realized over the next 2 years how much I prefer management, and have since switched my major as well. Without this internship and my manager’s guidance and encouragement, I would not have found the career I am passionate about.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

The most important thing Cintas has taught me is the value of every partner. Partner is the title given to every employee, and the atmosphere at Cintas encourages the idea of respecting each other and realizing each person brings something different to the team. Cintas is very team-oriented and has taught me how to lead a group, as well as how to be a part of group. Sometimes I have a large role, sometimes I have a small role, but all in all the team depends on the role of each person.

How did/will this internship further your career?

cintas 2

When I started working for Cintas in 2012, I was told I would be invited to join their Management Trainee program upon graduation in 2015. I was shocked that this company was already dedicating so much time and training to my career, when I was not even sure yet if this was the company for me. Not only did Cintas find the perfect fit for me within the corporation, but my education and career path changed to one I was better skilled for. I have been on multiple business trips and met hundreds of connections through this internship. Cintas has been the number 1 factor that has prepared me for graduation and my career after graduation. I have also been given the flexibility to choose which location I work at after graduation: East Coast, West Coast, Abroad, wherever.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

Get started early. Utilize the Amica Career Center. Sign up for workshops. Develop and be confident in your resume. If I had not done all of these things my freshman year, I have no idea where I would be today. Three years of the best internship I could ask for started in the Amica Career Center.



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