Bryant CEO Wins Best National Chapter

“We’re not partying, we’re networking”

When the E-Board and selected members of Bryant University’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization flew to and stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida for Halloween weekend, one might assume the party was just beginning. Little did many know, this was a business trip for the organization, traveling to compete for best national chapter, a recognition competed for among 400 national CEO university chapters.

Before hopping on any planes, Bryant’s CEO compiled their application video to get their foot in the door. The video below, shot and edited by sophomore Secretary Josh Velez, earned them a top-3 spot out of over 400 university chapters nationwide.

In Orlando, the National Best Chapter award recognizes the tools, workshops, guest speakers and hands-on learning activities the top chapters have sponsored and organized over the past years. Junior Jack Grant and Senior chapter President Renee Lawlor presented on behalf of the chapter, giving an eight minute presentation judged on quality and delivery, chapter leadership and yearly accomplishments. Competing against Texas A&M as well as Abilene Christian University, Bryant emerged as the best national chapter for 2014.

The E-Board and select members of Bryant CEO who traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Best National Chapter Competition

The E-Board and select members of Bryant CEO who traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Best National Chapter Competition

In addition to winning best chapter, Bryant also won the award for best networking chapter, an award given to a school who exemplifies the ability to meet and engage with individuals pertinent to interests in addition to the collaboration of their ideas and experiences.

Bryant CEO is a student-run organization focusing on spreading entrepreneurship across campus and within the community. The organization hosts networking dinners, speakers, an App-A-Thon, and their annual regional conference, BUNEEC. In the community, they’ve helped secure the Jackson W. Goss Scholarship, only the second university to offer the scholarship after MIT, as well as working with Bryant to create a new high-tech classroom, Bello 102.

Bryant’s CEO is an exceptional organization to offer students real world advice from professionals who’ve “been there and done that” as the group describes. Past speakers have included Kris Stevens, the founder of Keurig, as well as Gregg Kaplan, the founder of movie rental service Red Box. The entrepreneurship exposure at both the local and national level offers invaluable experience to students from all backgrounds, regardless if they have an entrepreneurship focus or are just interested in the topic.

Professor Michael Roberto is the faculty adviser for the organization. CEO meets Thursdays at 5:30PM in Fisher Center Room 2C, and all students or interested faculty are available to sit in on general meetings.

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Jenn Tomasetti’s PwC Internship

Name: Jenn Tomasetti
Major: Accounting

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            The summer after her junior year, Jenn Tomasetti took on an internship with the accounting firm PwC.  Her daily responsibilities included updating state and federal tax forms and eventually filling out her own tax forms from start to finish.  She was also able to shadow a client and was involved in a Project Management presentation.  The most important thing she learned at PwC was to become a “sponge” – someone who soaks up knowledge and writes it all down.
           “This comes in handy when you can recall and show what you learned,” said Jenn.
            Her favorite memory with her time at PwC was the Launch experience at the end of the internship.  PwC extended Jenn a job offer which she gladly accepted.  After she completes her Graduate Degree, she will get to continue her work with them.  After offering her a job, PwC took all of their interns to Disney for a 3-day experience in the parks.  Jenn says it was one of the best memories she has, and that not every employer will send you to Disney to celebrate your career milestones.
            The Amica Career Center helped Jenn by letting her use their resources to interview for the intern position a semester early since she was abroad during the interview process.  In this way, Amica made sure Jenn wouldn’t miss out on any opportunities because she was abroad.  Jenn’s best career and internship advice is that it’s never too early to search for jobs and internships.  Jenn has had an internship every summer of her college career and the relationships she has established there have helped her when she didn’t know the next step to take.

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