Jade O’Brien’s Internship with Indeed.com!





Name: Jade O’Brien

Class: 2015

Major: Business Administration – Management and Applied Psychology

Hometown: New Milford, Connecticut

Organization: Indeed.com





What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?

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Indeed.com’s Mission

This summer I worked in the Client Services department at Indeed.com. I was put on a team that deals with direct employers. I helped support my team with requests in order to provide clients with the best possible return on investment. These requests dealt with things such as helping diagnose and resolve technical issues relating to web indexing, XML feeds, and web aggregation. We also provided the sales team with technical and product support. Besides these daily responsibilities, I also completed a summer-long project with 17 other interns in which I collaborated with sales, client services, and small business clients in order to collect relevant and useful data for the company. We analyzed the information collected and presented our findings at a client services meeting. I also completed multiple individual projects, some assigned to me, and some that I got to develop based on my interests. Indeed emphasizes the importance of giving interns real, interesting work, and I felt like I was really playing a valuable and important role on my team.

What role did the Amica Career Center play in obtaining this internship?

I found this internship posted on the BCC and had my first interview in the Amica Career Center. They also helped me finalize my resume before I submitted it for the position.


Jade and another intern after winning the “Intern Amazing Race”.


What was your favorite experience/memory from your internship?

It’s tough to pick a favorite memory because I have so many good ones! The Indeed culture is young, innovative, and fun. I got to interact with a bunch of awesome people everyday. I made friends with some of the other interns and really liked working with everyone on my team. My whole experience in general was awesome, but two memories that stand out would have to be the day all of the interns participated in our own version of the “amazing race” around Stamford, as well as getting to prank my roommate over the phone.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

I learned many important things from my internship this summer. I learned a lot about the tech field in general, as well as ways to apply my interests in psychology in a business setting. Although I didn’t work directly in a management position, I gained valuable insights into what it means to be a great manager by observing my supervisor. Her attitude and management style kept employees engaged and interested, and she was able to get work done and have fun at the same time. I think that seeing this style of management was the most valuable thing that I learned at my internship and reinforced my interest in a management career path.

How will this internship further your career path?


Jade and the other interns at their going away party.


This experience will definitely benefit me in my future career. I learned that I really enjoy the tech industry, which I would not have thought of working in before. I also learned what type of environment I would like to work in and how broad the business management career path really is. I also made many valuable connections at Indeed that I plan to keep in contact with in the future.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

Start looking for internships as early as possible! Even if you don’t get a position, the experience of interviewing will be beneficial. Also, don’t limit yourself in terms of types of positions you apply for. Even if an internship doesn’t directly apply to your major, you may learn that you really enjoy   something that you would have never considered before.

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