Autumn Harrington’s Internship with AroundCampus Group


Name: Autumn Harrington

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing & Management

Intern Position: Sales Team Leader



AroundCampus Group offers many sales positions for college students at multiple universities around the nation.  My responsibilities as a sales team leader for The AroundCampus Group was to go business to business in the Smithfield, Rhode Island area for over 13 weeks and talk with business owners. I would professionally talk with business owners about advertising their business within our school’s planners, a website, and a mobile app.  We would also do daily web chats and check ins with headquarters which is in North Carolina.  I found out about this company through the Amica Career Center’s Career Fair during the spring semester of 2014.

My favorite experience was this one business owner who never told me no, but also was never able to meet with me. I kept calling him every day and going to the pizza place he owned, and after 13 full weeks I finally got him to sign a contract. Some people would give up on the sale if they didn’t sell an ad to an owner right away, but I never gave up on this owner.  My sales partner and I sold ads to All Seasons Inn & Suites, B’Z Breakfast, Burgers & Beyond, Cafe Such a Bagel, De Petrillo’s Pizza & Bakery, Diversified Auto Collision, The Greenville Inn, Island Woods Performance Inc, Mother Nature’s Florist, and The UPS Store Smithfield.

The most important thing I learned from this internship was perseverance and the importance of face to face communication. At the end of this internship my manager asked me to return next summer as a regional manager, a higher position than the sales intern. This company also has business partners that I have had access to since the beginning of my internship. My best piece of advice to give to underclassmen would be to take advantage of everything that is thrown your way. Internships especially are what you make of them.


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