Felicia Thomas’ Internship with the Boston Bruins Foundation!

Name: Felicia Thomasfelicia

Year: Senior ’15

Major: Marketing

Place Interned: The Boston Bruins Foundation

What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?

In this position I was asked to assist the Boston Bruins Foundation Executive Director, Manager, and Coordinator with daily activities and responsibilities. I helped to organize and conduct fundraising activities and events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, Online Holiday Auction, and the Foundation Raffle Table during the games. We managed the Foundation databases, including those related to events, grants, and donations. We communicated daily with Bruins Foundation supporters, fans, and others regarding many different Foundation topics.

How did you get this internship?

Katie Colton, a Bryant Alumni, informed me of the internship opportunity. From there I was able to learn more about the internship and apply in May. In August I got a call requesting an interview, and shortly thereafter I was offered a position.

What was your favorite experience/memory from your internship?


My favorite thing from this internship is the group of fantastic people that I had the opportunity to work with. Our bosses invested their time in us and eventually gave us the creative freedom to present new ideas or take on large projects. During my time with the Bruins I was able to help coordinate a fundraising event that brought in over $75,000 and conduct a market research analysis that provided valuable insights which were presented at executive meetings. In having this creative freedom, I was able to work on things I was truly passionate about. The support and confidence that my bosses instilled in each of the interns truly helped us thrive and succeed in our positions.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

The most important things I learned in this internship were to carry yourself with confidence, ask good questions, and to make the most of every opportunity.

How did/will this internship further your career?

This internship gave me a greater understanding of community relations and sports foundations. Through this I was able to validate my career goals and build a network that will help me grow as an individual and further my career.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

Always give everything 110%. Hard work truly pays off and you never know what opportunities are around the corner.

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