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The Catalyzing Connections Science Event was held on Thursday, March 26th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm in the Amica Career Center.  It was a great success!


#CelebrateWithAmica !



The Amica Career Center’s newest campaign gives students the opportunity to announce their professional achievements in a unique way!  Bryant students who have accepted internship or job offers are invited to the Amica Career Center on Mondays and Fridays from 12:00 – 2:00 pm to snap a photo with a whiteboard that announces their new positions.

“It is so rewarding for me, personally, to see where students find internships & jobs,” said Amy Weinstein, Assistant Director of the Amica Career Center.  “But, #CelebrateWithAmica is so much more!  Your success story helps to build the reputation of Bryant through tracking a pipeline of talent that can be shared with future students.”

The campaign is also very popular among employers who love to see their new interns and employees celebrating their new positions.  Companies often engage in the social media posts by favoriting, sharing, or retweeting the students’ celebratory photos.

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“Being featured on the #CelebrateWithAmica campaign was a great way to share the news about accepting a job with my family and friends,” said Nicole Shannon, a senior who participated in the campaign.

So far, over twenty students have participated in the campaign, having their photos taken all over campus.  The Amica Career Center then shares the photos through Twitter (@BryantCareer), Instagram (@BryantCareer), and Facebook (Bryant University – Amica Career Center for Education) where parents, employers, and friends are able to see and congratulate students on their achievements.

The Amica Career Center is encouraging all students of all class levels who have accepted internships or jobs to participate in the campaign.  Students who did not find their opportunities through Amica are also encouraged to celebrate!  The Amica Career Center wants to share your success and join the celebration!

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