DO YOUR DANCE with Lindsey Lerner!



Name: Lindsey Lerner

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Global Studies with a Cultural Interaction Concentration

Position: Co-founder of DYD




Established by Phil Terry and Bryant senior Lindsey Lerner, the Do Your Dance (D.Y.D.) Movement encourages people to find their passions and pursue them.  DYD started out as a way to get a foot in the door of the music world for Phil Terry, but has become so much more.  DYD has a large presence in Rhode Island, and it’s growing quickly with almost 3,400 “likes” on their Facebook page.  Terry and Lerner work together to get new artists booked, seen, and paid.  Lerner focuses on the fact that DYD works with people.  No one works for them.  Other than working with developing artists, DYD also does educational speeches.  In fact, Terry and Lerner are speaking to the Bryant University freshmen Global Foundations of Organizations and Business students on April 15.  Mostly, however, DYD promotes their philosophy of “doing your dance.”DYD logo

“Find your passion, follow it through, talk about it,” said Lerner of the organization’s philosophy.

Whether one’s passion is singing, working out, taking photos, or cooking, DYD loves to hear and share people’s stories.

“Part of my DYD is getting to interview these people and getting to know them,” Lerner said.

Big plans lie ahead for DYD.  On Saturday, April 18, they will host another show at Olives in Providence.  This show will include Bryant junior Jake Durkin and DYD co-founder Phil “Phantom” Terry.

After Lerner and Terry graduate this May, they plan on centralizing DYD operations in Providence and work full-time on the movement with the help of contacts from Bryant Ventures.  Lerner recently participated in the “Pitch the Panel” event where she pitched the idea of DYD to a group of investors and was one of the three winners.  More information about DYD can be found on their Facebook page, or by contacting Lindsey Lerner at or .  Developing artists and people with a DYD are encouraged to contact her as well!

Check out some of Lerner’s favorite DYDs below:

1.  Mike Fitch

Mike Fitch is the creator Animal Flow, a workout that involves gymnastics, parkour, break-dancing, and yoga.  He has personal training certificates, and his goal is to inspire people to move because “movement is medicine.”  Fitch has also traveled to places as far as Australia because he believes in the importance of travel in peoples’ lives.

2. Charley Johnson

Charley Johnson is the creator of the Pay it Forward movement that encourages people to do simple acts of kindness for one another. There is no money involved.  It costs nothing to do something nice for someone – even as simple as holding the door open. In order to remind people to do these actions on a daily basis, Johnson distributes silicone bracelets with the message “Pay it Forward.” There are millions of bracelets across the world in over 100 countries with no marketing or advertising.

3.  Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams has many passions including happiness, health, and fitness.  When he realized his passion, he transferred from a traditional four year school to a personal training school.  Williams was able to turn his passion for fitness into a career in fitness.  His best advice for others is to never have a closed mind and to never judge anything until you try it yourself first.

4.  Portia Albrecht

Portia Albrecht, a previous clinical nursing instructor, did her dance by opening a gym called Generate.  This is the first gym in Toronto that captures human energy from bikes and ellipticals and transforms it into “off-grid” green power that is used to operate the space.  Albrecht believes that “no one can help you find your passion, you have to discover it yourself.”

5. Johnny Earle

Johnny Earle, better known as Johnny Cupcakes, does his dance by poking fun at pop culture by creating awesome T-shirts, fresh baked in his T-shirt bakery! He essentially tricks hungry people for a living.  Johnny says “it’s not about the money – it’s about being happy doing what you love.”


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