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Impacting almost two million people, Enactus is a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.  En-act-us literally stands for entrepreneurial, action, and us.  It is in 36 countries, 1,700 universities, has 70,500 students involved, and has impacted 1,950,000 people – and Bryant University’s chapter is significantly contributing to that number.

Bryant’s Enactus has been very active and busy this semester.  This week, they competed in a national competition against other Enactus chapters from colleges and universities across the country in St. Louis, Missouri.  Making it to the top 24% of the National Exposition, they’ve made Bryant proud.  See all the hard work they presented this week:

Business Advisory Board Addition

Enactus has a Business Advisory Board (BAB) that guides the chapter and assists them with project and chapter development.  The BAB includes prestigious members like CVS, Fidelity, and Liberty Mutual, and Enactus is excited to announce that Apple, Inc. has joined this year!  BAB held a luncheon for Enactus to practice their presentation and get advice from the businesses.  Apple is helpful in funding dinners, offering resources, and preparing for the presentation.

Money Matters



Money Matters is one of Enactus’ four main projects this semester.  Bryant Enactus members noticed that college debt in Rhode Island is significantly higher than it is in other states which presents the need to learn about personal finances in the local community.  The students believed that this would be most effective if taught at an early age.  So, Money Matters is Enactus’ solution to the problem.  Members go to local middle schools and teach children about personal finance.

Salute to Service

Enactus believes in in empowering veterans, and they turn this belief into action with their Salute to Service project.  Most recently, they gave veterans career opportunities by holding a career fair with over 100 companies who are looking for veterans.

Project Congo

The Congo Project is Enactus’ first international project.  The goal of the project is to raise half a million dollars to improve the quality of life in the Congo.  They hope to do this by purchasing new machinery for the country, producing a high quality palm oil soap to distribute, create an environment that will support entrepreneurs, and build science labs for students.

Green Team’s Recyclemania

To promote sustainability, Bryant Enactus is competing with other universities to find out who can collect the most recyclables.  Their goal is to top 100 in sustainability, and make their green initiative a selling point for Bryant University to use.

For many Bryant students, Enactus has been instrumental in their professional development.

“Enactus has provided an impressive talking point for interviews,” said Bryant junior Chris Anzivino.

He is not alone.  Students like Steven Towner, Matthew Burns, and Amy Terracciano credit Enactus with helping them find internships at places like Home Depot, Liberty Mutual, and Avis.

Students who are interested in becoming a part of Enactus or have new project ideas are encouraged to join by going to their meetings on Mondays at 5:00 pm in Heritage/Papitto.

“We’re open ears,” said Matt Burns.

Enactus hopes to continue its success by finding motivated individuals who want to help make a sustainable impact on the environment.  Enactus is all about having fun while creating value for people that they work with.

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