Bryant Students Take Public Relations

The Amica Career Center interviewed three Bryant communication majors about their summer internships in public relations.  Sophomore Veronica Watkins interned at Shadow PR in New York, NY, junior Shannon Foglia interned at CCA Global Partners & Carpet One in Manchester, NH, and senior Haley Jones interned at Nike Communications in New York, NY.


How did you get this internship?
VW: One of my dad’s employees recommended me for the position, I sent in my resume and then interviewed during winter break and got the job.
SF: Amy Weinstein showed me how to effectively use which was where I found this job listing.  I applied for the PR & Social Media Internship for CCA Global Partners and Carpet One Floor & Home, went through a couple interviews, and was offered the position!
HJ: I found the company website and applied online.

What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?
VW: My responsibilities consisted of putting together a pitch memo for their Buca di Beppo account. Buca di Beppo is an Italian restaurant chain.  This was basically a list of food bloggers, local newspapers and magazines that would possibly feature the client in a specific area. I also would do daily clips of clients when they were featured in magazines, newspapers or online sites.
SF: Two of my primary responsibilities included writing content for Carpet One’s social media accounts and interior design blog Beautiful Design Made Simple.  Other responsibilities included writing consumer facing press releases, digital magazine articles, and supporting the company’s cause-related programs.  Every day, I was able to attend and contribute to marketing meetings, communication meetings, and brainstorming sessions!  One of my favorite daily responsibilities was working closely with three other interns on a project to design a new initiative for the company.  We worked with Southern New Hampshire University to create a hands-on business class program sponsored by CCA Global Partners that is actually being used!
HJ: My daily responsibilities included helping the Account Executives in any way possible – creating media clips for our clients, making media lists, going to client breakfasts, inventory sample stock, deliver products to clients throughout NYC, and sitting in on client meetings.

What was your favorite memory at your internship?
VW: My favorite memory was when we held a photo shoot for babies dressed as celebrities in the office and I was able to help put together some of their outfits.  Other memories I had were being able to put together one of the biggest mailers in PR History. We put together 200 gift bags to celebrities to go to the opening of the Senor Frog’s in NYC – the first ever in New York and the states! It was such a big project but such an amazing learning experience. Putting together a mailer is a huge part of public relations and I could say I did at least one a week. I got to write notes to celebrities all the time which was so cool!
SF: I had so many great memories at my internship!  Many of them have to do with the many friends I made at CCA.  From spending time getting to know the CEO of the company to participating in Thursday yoga classes to enjoying the fact that every Friday is “Bring your Dog to Work Day,” it’s hard to pick just one favorite.  My favorite experience was when Frank Siller, the CEO of the Stephen Siller Foundation, came to speak to the interns.  Carpet One Floor & Home supports this organization.  He runs Building for America’s Bravest, an organization that builds smart homes for severely injured soldiers.  He was so inspiring, and I was honored to be able to design a digital magazine telling the stories of the soldiers who received smart homes.
HJ: My favorite part of my internship was actually going to client events. One of the clients that I was put on was Montblanc – I was able to attend their press preview for the new collection. There, I was able to see key media outlet representatives ‘walk through’ the showroom, sample the new pieces, talk to Montblanc personnel and our PR team. It was cool to see how the press goes about picking pieces that they want to feature in their magazines / newspapers.

What was the most challenging part about your internship?
VW: The most challenging part was trying to figure out my tasks without asking too many questions. I never wanted to keep asking people what to do because everyone was super busy. Interpreting exactly what someone wanted was a difficult challenge.  I also had to overcome navigating Manhattan. I was sent all over the city and sometimes I really didn’t know where I was going but I had to figure it out to get the task done. Working with others was also a huge part of my job. Some of the other interns did not take everything seriously or really care about learning and building their career. Working with them was a learning experience because I had to be patient and sometimes do more of the work when we were given a project.
SF: The most challenging part of my internship was learning so much about the company.  CCA Global Partners is a cooperative – an uncommon business structure.  There are fourteen cooperatives within it, and it took me and the other interns a few weeks to fully understand the scope of CCA’s businesses and activities.
HJ: The most challenging part of the internship was working a full day (I really like to nap). Ha, but work wise, everyone that I worked for preferred their media clips a specific way. I spent a lot of time in the beginning of the internship re-clipping articles because I couldn’t keep track of who wanted what.

How will this further your career?
VW: This internship will help me further my career because I learned so much about the PR world. I now know the major websites firms use to find information about their clients as well as how to write a pitch. I also learned how to work in an office.
SF: This internship taught me so much about public relations, communications, and working in the “real world.”  It taught me the importance of company culture and loving who you work with!  After having participated in this internship, I have the experience to apply for more positions and the confidence to get them!
HJ: This internship solidified that I DO want to continue a career in Public Relations. It is a known PR agency with a reputable Internship program, so I am confident that it will help me have a leg up when it comes time to look for jobs.

What is your best piece of advice for underclassmen?
VW: I would tell underclassmen to 100% find some sort of internship. You learn so much and it helps you decide if you think that career path is right for you. Also working in a office is similar in a lot of places so it’s something most people are going to need to learn. It is a great experience and really helps you prepare for the real world.
SF: Pay attention to company culture and environment!  I enjoyed every single day I spent at CCA Global Partners.  Being happy and enjoying your workplace is a reasonable and important goal!
HJ: The best advice I have for underclassman is to get to know a few people really well (when working). Bryant stresses the need to network, which IS great, but I think that you will get further if you know a few people really well – people that can vouch for you and actually talk about your work ethic. Knowing a lot of people in an industry is good, but usually it’s surface level connections. Knowing a few people really well could further your career a lot more!

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