How to get ahead in your Career over Winter Break

With over a month off of homework, exams, and classes, Winter Break is the perfect time to move forward with your career path.  From searching for internships to editing your resume, there are so many things that every student can do to turn their career path in the right direction.  Here’s what you should be doing to steer yours this Winter Break!

winter break


If you’re a freshman, you’ve still got plenty of time to build your resume with internships, experience, and more.  Jumpstart your career by checking these things off your to-do list this break:

  • Take a career assessment to clarify interests, skills and values as they relate to choosing a major and clarifying career goals.
  • Log onto Bryant Career Connection (BCC)your one stop connection to internships/jobs; employer connections, career events, connecting with a career coach and more.  Familiarize yourself with the website – you’ll be using it a lot over the years!
  • Plan to enroll in our career planning courses – CPC 101: “Exploring Major and Career Options” and CPC 201:Search Strategies for Internships, Jobs and Graduate School” – four-session not-for-credit courses offered every semester.


As a sophomore, you have the potential to find a great summer internship.  Make yourself more competitive in the market by doing these things over Winter Break:


Juniors are the perfect candidates for internships.  Time to get serious!  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find an internship.  Regularly check the BCC for updates and make use of the career center guides and tools.
  • Start the graduate school advising process.
  • If you already have an internship, don’t slack off.  Take this time to make your LinkedIn profile more professional.  Use this advanced guide.


Make the most of your last Winter Break by following through with these steps:

  • Use the Recruiting Program connecting seniors and full-time graduate students to over 400 companies annually.
  • Continue the graduate school advising process.
  • Master your interview skills using Amica’s guides for just about any kind of interviews.


Regardless of year, there are some things every student should do this Winter Break to get ahead and stay ahead:

  • Register for and attend Bryant Connects, an opportunity to network with alum, learn about their career paths, and make valuable connections.
  • Remember that you can network anywhere, anytime!  Ask your family and friends from home about their careers, jobs, and connections.

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