Nick O’Hara & The Charging Chair

On March 2, Bryant junior Nick O’Hara was featured in the Providence Business News for launching a Kickstarter campaign for his smartphone-charging beach chair.  His invention is the Charging Chair – a beach chair complete with a charging unit in the arm of the chair.  It includes two USB chargers and a sleeve to keep smartphones safe from the sun.  With $2,000 from winning second place in Bryant Ventures, O’Hara has been able to launch his Kickstarter campaign to raise more funds to start production.  The Providence Business News feature has helped him significantly.
“Not only did it drive traffic to my Kickstarter campaign and increase my sales,” said O’Hara.  “But it further legitimized my product and the journey itself.”
He credits Bryant University for aiding him in his success as well.  From organizations like CEO and Bryant Ventures to entrepreneurial funding opportunities, Bryant has given O’Hara the knowledge and funding to get started.  He received the Jackson W. Goss Prize in entrepreneurship and took second place in Bryant Ventures’ competition after presenting his business plan in front of a panel of judges.
“I can honestly say that without the help from Bryant University, I would not be where I am today,” said O’Hara.
Today, people can purchase the Charging Chair on Kickstarter.  When O’Hara reaches his fundraising and sales goals, he will be able to manufacture the first few units and bring it to life!  Once his concept is proved, he plans to pitch his product on an open call of Shark Tank.  Eventually, O’Hara hopes to sell the Charging Chair online and in stores like Walmart.