About Us

The Amica Center for Career Education at Bryant University seeks to facilitate self-assessment and career exploration, develop avenues for experiential learning, aid in the transition from academia to the professional world, provide opportunities for employment and serve as a resource to employers, faculty and the other populations we serve.

The values that guide our work include:

  • a commitment to excellence
  • high ethical standards of professionalism
  • respect for those we serve
  • team orientation
  • open communication
  • flexibility

With a vision of being recognized within the career services field and the Bryant community, we offer students and alumni a state of the art, progressive career center that provides a comprehensive Career Development Program, Recruiting Program and Academic Internship Program.

Our goal of this blog is to connect the student body with each other through their successes as a student at Bryant University.  If you’re a student reading this blog and you would like to get in contact with any of the students featured here, or you want to share your story, e-mail sfoglia@bryant.edu.  All of the students featured are more than willing to share more about their experiences!


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