Amanda’s Marketing Internship With Covidien

Name: Amanda Eardley

Graduation Year: 2015

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Mansfield, MA

Company Interned For: Covidien

AC: What are your day-to-day duties an intern? What made you a large enough asset this past summer that they asked you to stay through the fall?

AE: Many of my daily tasks as an intern involved assisting my team members on many of their current projects, including analyzing company culture, working with Employee Resource Groups, and communicating with potential candidates about open positions at Covidien. I also worked a lot on planning our company’s attendance at professional association conferences, which is one of the main reasons why I was asked to stay on with Covidien through the fall. We will be looking to recruit women engineers this October at the Society of Women Engineers conference in Baltimore, and Covidien has asked me to attend and help with their recruiting efforts-I’m so excited!

AC: How has Bryant prepared you for this internship? Did Amica help you find it? Which classes specifically set you up for success?

AE: The Amica Center’s workshop all about using LinkedIn is really helpful; I felt really prepared at my internship when one of our first assignments was to update and better utilize our LinkedIn profiles. Many of the concepts I learned in MGT200 were very instrumental to my success at my internship as well-because of this course, I already had background knowledge on many of the business concepts I was faced with on a daily basis.

AC: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you began your internship and how did you overcome it?

AE: One of the biggest challenges I faced when starting my internship was learning how to make decisions effectively without prior approval from my manager. In the beginning, I was very nervous that I would make a mistake, or respond to a situation one way when my manager would have done differently. With a lot of positive reinforcement from my manager and as I became more comfortable in my internship, I was able to gain the confidence to make important business decisions for my team on my own.

AC: Do you plan on staying in contact with them after this fall? If so, how are you going to stay connected?!


AE: Absolutely! Covidien offers many great internships to students in many different fields, so there are always different opportunities to pursue within the organization. I’ve connected with many of my managers and co-workers on LinkedIn; this way I can stay up to date with any opportunities that they may have, as well as easily connect with them if I’m looking for a recommendation or have a question.

AC: That’s a great idea Amanda! Any advice for undergraduates looking to pursue an internship?!

AE: Start out your internship search by networking-ask friends, family and professors if they know of any internships that they may have a connection to that are in your field. And it never hurts to apply to internships that you may not be completely sold on, even if it’s just for the interview practice!