James’ EMC Finance Internship

CaptureName: James Mandeville

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Finance/Economics

Hometown: Marshfield, MA

Company Interned For: EMC2 Corporation

AC: What was your position and your duties on a day to day basis?

JM: This summer I worked as an FTP (Financial Training Program) Intern. I worked within the Corporate Accounting and Reporting team. A cool part of the job was that I didn’t have the same “day to day duties”-each day was different. However, on a monthly basis, I prepared account reconciliations, processed intercompany invoices, assigned owners to different balance sheet accounts, assisted in the preparation of SEC filings, and assured that the company was complying with PwC and SOX regulations.

AC: What was your favorite part about your internship and what did you find most challenging?

JM: Deciding what my favorite part of my internship was is very difficult, there was so much that I enjoyed. I enjoyed the people I worked with, the trust that mangers had in all their employees including myself, and the open communication between everyone, no matter their level of management. The most challenging part of my internship was getting current employees to listen to the new process changes that I, as an Intern, was implementing.

AC: What was EMC’s culture?

JM: The culture at EMC is awesome, everyone gets along, and there is constant encouragement and recognition for everything. When working at EMC, you feel the connection between everyone and we all worked very well together.

AC: Which classes from Bryant helped you succeed throughout your internship?

JM: To be honest, just about all of my business classes that I have taken helped me through my internship, from BUS101-BUS400. However, specifically Financial and Managerial accounting helped a lot. As well as Investments, Forecasting, Money and Banking and Intermediate Microeconomics

AC:  How did you come across this opportunity?

JM: Back in September of my Junior year, I was on the BCC and submitted my resume to as many places as possible. Fortunately, I submitted my resume to EMC and was then given an on campus interview. Following that, I went to Hopkinton, MA for a final round interview which consisted of four back to back interviews with four different managers. A few days later, I got an offer!

AC: Lastly, what advice do you have for undergraduate students looking to pursue an internship?

JM: Start looking early!!!! Reach out to as many connections you may have as possible, network with everyone you come across and really know how to sell yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you do not get your first choice or your first interview, keep trying and eventually everything will work out.