Felicia Thomas’ Internship with the Boston Bruins Foundation!

Name: Felicia Thomasfelicia

Year: Senior ’15

Major: Marketing

Place Interned: The Boston Bruins Foundation

What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?

In this position I was asked to assist the Boston Bruins Foundation Executive Director, Manager, and Coordinator with daily activities and responsibilities. I helped to organize and conduct fundraising activities and events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, Online Holiday Auction, and the Foundation Raffle Table during the games. We managed the Foundation databases, including those related to events, grants, and donations. We communicated daily with Bruins Foundation supporters, fans, and others regarding many different Foundation topics.

How did you get this internship?

Katie Colton, a Bryant Alumni, informed me of the internship opportunity. From there I was able to learn more about the internship and apply in May. In August I got a call requesting an interview, and shortly thereafter I was offered a position.

What was your favorite experience/memory from your internship?


My favorite thing from this internship is the group of fantastic people that I had the opportunity to work with. Our bosses invested their time in us and eventually gave us the creative freedom to present new ideas or take on large projects. During my time with the Bruins I was able to help coordinate a fundraising event that brought in over $75,000 and conduct a market research analysis that provided valuable insights which were presented at executive meetings. In having this creative freedom, I was able to work on things I was truly passionate about. The support and confidence that my bosses instilled in each of the interns truly helped us thrive and succeed in our positions.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

The most important things I learned in this internship were to carry yourself with confidence, ask good questions, and to make the most of every opportunity.

How did/will this internship further your career?

This internship gave me a greater understanding of community relations and sports foundations. Through this I was able to validate my career goals and build a network that will help me grow as an individual and further my career.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

Always give everything 110%. Hard work truly pays off and you never know what opportunities are around the corner.

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Why you should register NOW for the Career Fair!

This fall’s Career & Graduate School Fair was a major success!  It was a record-breaking fair with over 100 companies, including 22 new ones and 30 on the waiting list.  There were 16 graduate schools, over 35 student volunteers, and over 770 students in attendance!  We are looking forward to breaking even more records with the Career Fair on Wednesday, February 25th.  Register NOW on Banner!

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Shadow Program a Success!

       From fashion corporations to food providers to financial groups, many companies took on a Bryant student for one day over winter break.  The students were able to shadow a Bryant alum for one day in their professional work environments.  This allowed them to gather information on career fields of interest and experience a day in the life!  We were lucky enough to speak with two students, Hadleigh Lepianka and Brendan Nixon about their experiences shadowing Bryant alums over break.
       Hadleigh Lepianka, a sophomore management major, was able to shadow an alum who works at Aramark.  Aramark is a food provider for many colleges, including Bryant.  Hadleigh spent her day at Aramark’s annual convention which was held in the UMass Lowell Conference Center.  The conference consisted of different sessions that each focused on improving different areas of the company.  The sessions went on throughout the day, and they were able to go through several sessions.
       “Overall, I learned a lot about working with food in hospitality from a management aspect,” said Hadleigh.  She noticed that each employee’s work varied from day to day because of the complexity of the organization.  Most people traveled daily, and each person had their own individual responsibilities.  She also learned the importance of working with food and is relationship to inventory.  There is so much information that Aramark needs to know and they use large databases to store all of it.
       Hadleigh enjoyed this field of work because it was not a typical desk job- there was a lot more to it.
       “I could really see myself working in this industry after shadowing this alumni,” she said.  “I truly enjoyed my day and appreciate that I was given this opportunity.”
       Brendan Nixon felt the same way.  A member of the Class of 2018, Brendan is a marketing major who shadowed an alum at the Hartford.  The Hartford is a United States-based investment and insurance company that is part of the Fortune 500 list.  It specializes in vehicle, home, and AARP/Retirement insurance.
       Brendan started off his day by meeting up with Mariah Burgess, who is a Bryant University Class of 2014 graduate.  Mariah’s official position is Operations & Technology Leadership Development, and she regularly works at any one of The Hartford’s three Connecticut locations.  Brendan visited the company’s headquarters in Hartford, CT on a Friday where Mariah gave him a tour of the company’s campus.  Along the way, Brendan learned about the The Hartford’s history, previous leaders, and new employee training programs.  He was able to attend a professional development meeting and hear the company’s officials discuss their most famous merger.  During the rest of the day, Brendan met several of Mariah’s co-workers, listen in on a conference call, and see a project Mariah had been working on for weeks.
       “It was very nice to be able to discuss what is is like to lead a professional work life with people who are roughly the same age as me,” said Brendan.  Most of Mariah’s co-workers had all just graduated this past May.
       Brendan learned that Operations & Technology is very focused on problem solving, creating and completing projects, and is going to continue to be in demand of a younger generation of educated and capable thinkers.  The field is geared towards younger people and is an excellent career path for college grads looking to work in this field.
       Although Brendan learned that he would enjoy this position, his experience taught him that it wasn’t the right path for him.  As a marketing major, he is looking for something more focused, but he feels that the experience was extremely helpful because it showed him other parts of the work industry he had never thought of before.
       Whether students want to continue in their shadowed field or not, the Shadow Program proved to be a success in networking and real world experience.

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Autumn Harrington’s Internship with AroundCampus Group


Name: Autumn Harrington

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing & Management

Intern Position: Sales Team Leader



AroundCampus Group offers many sales positions for college students at multiple universities around the nation.  My responsibilities as a sales team leader for The AroundCampus Group was to go business to business in the Smithfield, Rhode Island area for over 13 weeks and talk with business owners. I would professionally talk with business owners about advertising their business within our school’s planners, a website, and a mobile app.  We would also do daily web chats and check ins with headquarters which is in North Carolina.  I found out about this company through the Amica Career Center’s Career Fair during the spring semester of 2014.

My favorite experience was this one business owner who never told me no, but also was never able to meet with me. I kept calling him every day and going to the pizza place he owned, and after 13 full weeks I finally got him to sign a contract. Some people would give up on the sale if they didn’t sell an ad to an owner right away, but I never gave up on this owner.  My sales partner and I sold ads to All Seasons Inn & Suites, B’Z Breakfast, Burgers & Beyond, Cafe Such a Bagel, De Petrillo’s Pizza & Bakery, Diversified Auto Collision, The Greenville Inn, Island Woods Performance Inc, Mother Nature’s Florist, and The UPS Store Smithfield.

The most important thing I learned from this internship was perseverance and the importance of face to face communication. At the end of this internship my manager asked me to return next summer as a regional manager, a higher position than the sales intern. This company also has business partners that I have had access to since the beginning of my internship. My best piece of advice to give to underclassmen would be to take advantage of everything that is thrown your way. Internships especially are what you make of them.

Jade O’Brien’s Internship with Indeed.com!





Name: Jade O’Brien

Class: 2015

Major: Business Administration – Management and Applied Psychology

Hometown: New Milford, Connecticut

Organization: Indeed.com





What were your daily responsibilities at your internship?

shirt logo

Indeed.com’s Mission

This summer I worked in the Client Services department at Indeed.com. I was put on a team that deals with direct employers. I helped support my team with requests in order to provide clients with the best possible return on investment. These requests dealt with things such as helping diagnose and resolve technical issues relating to web indexing, XML feeds, and web aggregation. We also provided the sales team with technical and product support. Besides these daily responsibilities, I also completed a summer-long project with 17 other interns in which I collaborated with sales, client services, and small business clients in order to collect relevant and useful data for the company. We analyzed the information collected and presented our findings at a client services meeting. I also completed multiple individual projects, some assigned to me, and some that I got to develop based on my interests. Indeed emphasizes the importance of giving interns real, interesting work, and I felt like I was really playing a valuable and important role on my team.

What role did the Amica Career Center play in obtaining this internship?

I found this internship posted on the BCC and had my first interview in the Amica Career Center. They also helped me finalize my resume before I submitted it for the position.


Jade and another intern after winning the “Intern Amazing Race”.


What was your favorite experience/memory from your internship?

It’s tough to pick a favorite memory because I have so many good ones! The Indeed culture is young, innovative, and fun. I got to interact with a bunch of awesome people everyday. I made friends with some of the other interns and really liked working with everyone on my team. My whole experience in general was awesome, but two memories that stand out would have to be the day all of the interns participated in our own version of the “amazing race” around Stamford, as well as getting to prank my roommate over the phone.

What was the most important thing you learned at your internship?

I learned many important things from my internship this summer. I learned a lot about the tech field in general, as well as ways to apply my interests in psychology in a business setting. Although I didn’t work directly in a management position, I gained valuable insights into what it means to be a great manager by observing my supervisor. Her attitude and management style kept employees engaged and interested, and she was able to get work done and have fun at the same time. I think that seeing this style of management was the most valuable thing that I learned at my internship and reinforced my interest in a management career path.

How will this internship further your career path?


Jade and the other interns at their going away party.


This experience will definitely benefit me in my future career. I learned that I really enjoy the tech industry, which I would not have thought of working in before. I also learned what type of environment I would like to work in and how broad the business management career path really is. I also made many valuable connections at Indeed that I plan to keep in contact with in the future.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to underclassmen?

Start looking for internships as early as possible! Even if you don’t get a position, the experience of interviewing will be beneficial. Also, don’t limit yourself in terms of types of positions you apply for. Even if an internship doesn’t directly apply to your major, you may learn that you really enjoy   something that you would have never considered before.

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Bryant CEO Wins Best National Chapter

“We’re not partying, we’re networking”

When the E-Board and selected members of Bryant University’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization flew to and stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida for Halloween weekend, one might assume the party was just beginning. Little did many know, this was a business trip for the organization, traveling to compete for best national chapter, a recognition competed for among 400 national CEO university chapters.

Before hopping on any planes, Bryant’s CEO compiled their application video to get their foot in the door. The video below, shot and edited by sophomore Secretary Josh Velez, earned them a top-3 spot out of over 400 university chapters nationwide.

In Orlando, the National Best Chapter award recognizes the tools, workshops, guest speakers and hands-on learning activities the top chapters have sponsored and organized over the past years. Junior Jack Grant and Senior chapter President Renee Lawlor presented on behalf of the chapter, giving an eight minute presentation judged on quality and delivery, chapter leadership and yearly accomplishments. Competing against Texas A&M as well as Abilene Christian University, Bryant emerged as the best national chapter for 2014.

The E-Board and select members of Bryant CEO who traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Best National Chapter Competition

The E-Board and select members of Bryant CEO who traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Best National Chapter Competition

In addition to winning best chapter, Bryant also won the award for best networking chapter, an award given to a school who exemplifies the ability to meet and engage with individuals pertinent to interests in addition to the collaboration of their ideas and experiences.

Bryant CEO is a student-run organization focusing on spreading entrepreneurship across campus and within the community. The organization hosts networking dinners, speakers, an App-A-Thon, and their annual regional conference, BUNEEC. In the community, they’ve helped secure the Jackson W. Goss Scholarship, only the second university to offer the scholarship after MIT, as well as working with Bryant to create a new high-tech classroom, Bello 102.

Bryant’s CEO is an exceptional organization to offer students real world advice from professionals who’ve “been there and done that” as the group describes. Past speakers have included Kris Stevens, the founder of Keurig, as well as Gregg Kaplan, the founder of movie rental service Red Box. The entrepreneurship exposure at both the local and national level offers invaluable experience to students from all backgrounds, regardless if they have an entrepreneurship focus or are just interested in the topic.

Professor Michael Roberto is the faculty adviser for the organization. CEO meets Thursdays at 5:30PM in Fisher Center Room 2C, and all students or interested faculty are available to sit in on general meetings.

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